Friday, April 24, 2009

Much Much Better!

Oh yes indeedy! I feel much better today. Now I have the kind of cold that is just irritating! I am the kind that won't be totally happy till I am totally well. At least I know myself!!

Got all my work caught up after being off work Monday and Tuesday. It wasn't too bad except for today. I finally found ways to get all the guys out of here so I could have some time to myself and get some work done. For some reason today they thought my desk was the proverbial water fountain. They all gathered round to talk about everything. I guess they missed me. Hate to be an awakening to them...I didn't miss them. What a shame, but I have to tell the truth!!! LOL Well, maybe I missed them a teeny bit!

Jim had a bigger route to run today and they ran him all around so I have time to do a little posting. Glad for the bigger route...while the past few weeks were pretty lean we still thank God we both had work.

I have a LO started at home and hope to finish it tonight. I have so much to do in scrapping. I need to organize...if for no other reason than Terry said I will never be organized. Slave driver! I want to do tutorials to learn some things so I don't keep looking like my LO's are from an ad for "Beginners Digi Scrapping" magazine! And I want to scrap scrap. I want to make my AKA card for Designers Digitals but need to wait for my haircut so I look like me. So I guess what I need to do is get busy.

Oh. An AKA stands for Also Known As, and is a like a little LO that lets people know your real name. That way they can put a face and real name with an online name. They are really nice.

I just talked to Jim and he said the thermometers were all pushing 100 today. He loves it. I hate it. Can't say I hate it...I just don't want to work in it!

Well, time to wrap it up here. He is on his way and I can get out of here. It has not been real fun these three days but glad I was well enough to work. Better than sitting home moaning about how bad you feel to the dog and cat!!

Bye for now.

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Demented said...

I am so glad you are feeling better AND scrapping again :)

Have a peaceful weekend and try to get some more rest!