Saturday, April 25, 2009


I worked for this one.

I have had some pictures of a restaurant that we go to that I wanted to save for memories. I have worked and worked trying to get this into a LO I felt I liked even a little bit. I finally finished and and am glad to be able to put this one in the can!! I like it, but not a favorite. Love the colors but not the LO. In reality, I think it is the pics, but they are the only ones I had and tried today for better ones but because it is so small you really can't get any really good ones. Oh well. It is done and I am ready to take some pics and move on.

I have been on the computer all day, working on the LO and chatting on Designer Digitals chat. It is their quarterly sale weekend and they have an all day chat with freebies every hour. Being the tight wad I am I was not about to see those freebies go by!! I think I got all but the 8:00 a.m. one and will get the 11:00 a few minutes!! But I can say I am tired and my legs feel swollen. Too much sitting today for sure.

Had a scare today when Nancy had to take Braisen to the ER. He hurt his shoulder playing last night and she thought maybe he had broken it. Thank you Lord it was just what they call I think she said nursemaid shoulder...or something like that. The tendon gets hooked on the bone. One good movement by the doctor and he was better! Kids.

Today has been busy but really didn't do much. I think the same is on for tomorrow. I really don't feel like doing anything yet...still battling this darn cold. Much better, in fact I would say about over it except for the cough. But still so weak. But...a few days should take care of that!

Well, I am about ready to sign off and hit a nice soft chair. This wooden chair certainly has gotten harder through the day!!!

Oh, BTW. A sad day today. One of the best actresses passed away. Bea Arthur. I thought she was such a good actress. I will miss her. I still watch the Golden Girls everyday!!! Wish I could find reruns of her show Maude. I liked it, too. Did you know she also was on All in the Family? I believe she was Archie's sister...some relation like that.

OK. Before I go I will load my LO. Then I am off. Will talk to you all tomorrow.


Terry said...

hey I love this LO!! What is it that doesn't strike your fancy!! Great journaling--love the slant--sort of goes with the restaurant---a different "slant" on things.

My butt hurts too!! Lots of freebies though!

Demented said...

I love the layout, too! Love the colors. BTW - Braisens injury was nursemaids elbow which is really just a dislocated elbow :)

Glad you took it easy and hope you are feeling much better.

Celia said...

Thanks for stopping by Barb- especially as it meant you had to sit a bit longer or did it take you away from the DD sales?
Glad I was able to help you sample spring while still doing your LO and enjoying the DD events.

Scrapergirl said...

Really like the layout about lil restaurant that you go to sounds great. I just love the color ,the picture layout .You go girl