Thursday, March 31, 2011

What A Day!!!

I will try to control myself so that this blog doesn't get so long but what a day we have had already!!! 

We had bad weather yesterday and they warned us that we would have more today. But usually, once you have one bad day, the next day is not AS bad. WRONG! The weather people were really surprised, too!!!

It started this morning when the weather radio went off at six o'clock!! Do you all have weather radios? We never did when we lived up north but you sure do need one in Florida. Bad, really bad weather is able to strike up the band at anytime, and you need to be made aware of it!! So we all have radios that go off when weather gets bad!!

Now. Six A.M. I am always up by then but do I really need to think about tornadic weather heading straight at out daughter's and my son-in-law being chased down by it on his way to work?

I do need to add, too, that we get BAD weather all the time here and the weather people don't make a big deal of it. They are just keeping an eye on it for you. But when they sit there and go "Oh my! Oh, my! This is really very bad!! You soon perk up and watch. On our radar here is shows spirals wherever there is a possibility of a tornado forming.

What it amounted to was really BAD, BAD weather with many tornadoes embedded in it!! Starting up north by our daughter's and then us then south below us. In fact it is three in the afternoon and we are still under tornado watch. And we really don't get many tornadoes. And when we do they are very short lived, but these were on the ground moving across the state until 1:30!! I stopped watching continually so I am not sure if they have made it all the way across yet or not! So rare!

Daughter and son-in-law were safe, thank God. But, then it was our turn at 11:30. With our great weather forecasting we knew for about a half hour that a tornado was headed directly for us. Anxiety does build, that is for sure. 

As it worked out, it didn't go directly over us but rather a block to the south of us. I did hear the freight train sound but I said to's just thunder! LOL As it turned out, there were towers down, houses destroyed, buildings destroyed, roofs off...the whole bit. Thank God, we, ourselves, were unscathed.

We live a couple miles from the Clearwater/St. Pete International airport and they had power poles down, buildings destroyed and planes tipped over. There was also a Sun 'n' Fun air show at an airport in Tampa and tents were down, planes turned over...all that nasty stuff. And it is reported a plane hanger somewhere...I forget where...was damaged and people were trapped in there.

Not a great day...but thank God, I have not heard of anyone being hurt.

With that, I am going to shut off the blog because I could go on and on. So many things being damaged. If you want to see some pics go here.  There is a link to see photos.

I have done some LO's since I posted last. I will post a couple.

Click for Larger View

This is the last one I did of Brian in Egypt. I need to get some more done!!

Ugh!! Raining hard again. We have gotten more rain in the last two days than we get in the normal month of March. From dry to squishy!! 

Need to get going. Have some laundry Jim wants to get done. Have to go to the Clubhouse since our washer rusted out!! LOL So it goes on, and on and on....

Later all my dear taters!!!


Nancy said...

We are storming again too right now! ARGH! Glad you guys are safe. I couldn't handle the stress of it when it was going by you two.

Beautiful layouts (as always:)

Terry said...

Wow! you had some bad weather. The good thing--everyone is safe. Hope today is better.

Anke said...

I heard about that yesterday and was thinking about you and Linda. I am so glad you were okay! That sounded really nasty. I guess living up north has some advantages (not many) Here it's snowing again, nothing major, just annoying and cold! Stay safe!
Your pages are just lovely, I hope I never miss any of yours in the gallery, I try to always find them! :)

Melissa said...

Wow, Barb! I'm glad you and your family are OK!

Love the layouts. I'd love to visit Egypt one day!

Kathi said...

I'm so thankful you are all okay there - tornados are so scary. We live with them every spring here in north Texas. Hope that radio doesn't go off any time soon.