Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boy! I just don't know what I feel...

Yesterday I was sitting in my rocking chair at the patio door in our living room watching the world go by. Oh the joys of retirement!!! LOL

I heard some dogs barking so I turned a little and saw a young lady about in her late thirties with two beautiful, very large dogs across the street at the side yard of our neighbors.

She is making them stand still as she pulls of a doggy bag to pick up their deposit in the yard. I thought, well that is nice, she is cleaning up after her dogs, which is not only what the park says you will do if you want a dog, but what is the nice thing to do!! No one should have to have their yard used as the potty for YOUR dog!

So, I turn back around and watch her go past the side yard, past the neighbor's and get to the side yard of the neighbor diagonally across from us. Then...picture this. She takes that rather large blue dogie potty bag, swings it around two times and heaves it into the side yard right next to the neighbor's car!! Can you even believe?

If I could have gotten to her fast enough I would have screamed at her!!! I guess because she had a double leash in one hand and her water bottle in the other, the doggy bag was just not what she wanted to carry. After all...she did at least put it in a bag for them. Unbelievable. To make it even a little worse, this man, who I think lives alone, is partially disabled. I need to go over and pick that up today. Sometimes he is not out for days at a time.

I had thought that the guy I worked with was bad. He would walk his dog. Clean up after her and them put it in someone's garbage can as he went by. You see, he always walked the dog with a beer in one hand and the dog leash in the other. He didn't have a free hand to carry the filled bag!! Yuk!! But at least he put it in the garbage; but I still don't approve of that move either!!

People. I just will never understand them!

Well. My gripe for today. That just really made an impression on me.

I have been scrapping. It feels good, but I am getting way low on pics to scrap. I do have a few of friends that came to visit so I think those will be the next.

This is the one I finished last night. I took these when I still worked. Joe and Buck had wanted gas money and they had brought me the money box. I guess they were in a hurry. They grabbed the box and off they went. The journaling tells the story. I laughed so hard at them. They were always doing things like this!

Click to read journaling

This is not one of my favorites but it is OK. It is of the kangaroos at Busch Gardens, Tampa. They were so cute. Then I found a quote by Erma Bombeck that I just loved and decided I should pair them together.

Click to view larger image
And the last for today is My Home. It is a bird that I saw at Busch Gardens that I loved. He looked so happy and like he was very much at home where he was.

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Don't really know what else is on tap for today. We have had a very wonderful week with friends visiting from Ohio. Haven't felt the best yesterday and today so I think we will probably just hang around. I have not been reading...I know...really strange for I think it is time to revisit my Kindle.

Uh...might I just is supposed to be 89 today and tomorrow!!! Wowser!!! It is about time!!!!!!! I know that is way too hot for Serene, but for us Floridians it feels soooo good! Maybe my bones will decide to start moving again without a groan from me!!!

Savor the rest of the day. Back to the grind stone tomorrow. But that isn't so bad. Everyone needs to be needed!!! Someone is counting on you.

Thanks for stopping by.


Nancy said...

Wow....I cannot believe someone would do such a thing. That is just crazy. It would be funny to put her blue bags back into her own yard! LOL

Layouts are just beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could do that..I just don't have the patience!

Kathi said...

Oh, I agree with Nancy. Heft that bag right back at her!

I love the way to used the torn paper to frame the bird photo - so creative. I just might have to CASE that one.

All of your LOs are so fun and colorful. Your a digi goddess!

Terry said...

What!! What was wrong with that lady!!

89! It was warm here yesterday. Pretty cloudy today--good for golf because I didn't sweat. Windy. windy for the next week. maybe some rain. We sure need it.

Serene said...

89??? Already??? It's just the beginning of April. Oh no! That would be a shock to my system, Barb!

My goodness. I can't believe your story of that bag-flinger. Shame on her, for sure! That's very nice of you to retrieve the flung bag.

I love your los, especially the nap one. I LOVE taking naps. In fact, I'd love one right now.

Melissa said...

I just can't believe some people! I agree, very nice of you to pick up the bag!

The layouts are great! I had to laugh at the "manly moment".. hehe!

Anke said...

Wow, the nerve! Imagine finding that load in your yard! She really needs some of her own medicine!
Love your pages and I am so jealous of your weather!