Thursday, April 21, 2011

At Last!!

At last I got the mojo flowing and got my LO done! I still find it so odd that you can stare at a LO for so long and nothing happens. Then all of a sudden it gets off dead center. 

Here it the first LO of when Gloria came to visit. It was such a good time. This is when Nancy and her family was able to meet up with us at Cracker Barrel. 

It was great getting to see her and Larry after twenty plus years! It had only been about nineteen or twenty years for Nancy because Gloria and she worked together, also. 

I was pleased at how it finally turned out.

Click on image for larger view

I am going to start on another one. I could kick myself for not taking more pictures and also for not getting better background. Oh well. Live and learn. I will overcome it somehow!! LOL

Nothing big going on around here. Just been pottsing around doing this and that which has amounted to not much. I really don't know where all the time goes; it just does.

It is so nice to see the flowers starting to bloom. I know that you northerners don't think we have seasons here in Florida, but we sure do. Everyone is into planting and WATERING. With not rain in sight for a while, we sure have to dump the water on the new plantings. We do have a rainy season, but not until June.

I told Jim the other day it was not wonder that we couldn't grow flowers very well when we worked. We will leave in the morning to go do a little something and by the time we get back shortly after noon, the marigolds are all wilted already. Well, by the time we would have gotten home from work, the poor little things would have been beyond help. At least we can revive them now!! And they look beautiful.

My plumerias, you know, the ones that they make leis out of , are slow to take off this year. However, there is one with blossoms coming and the poor thing only has one leaf on it. These are the plants that loose all their leaves each year and only look like a stick in the ground until in the spring when they get their leaves and then the beautiful blossoms. I think I will try to go out and get a picture of one of them. You will see how ugly they are. When we first moved here we wondered what in the heck people had sticks planted in their yards. We soon found out why they put up with all the ugliness. Because they are beautiful when they bloom, and they bloom longer then they are barren.

Here is a picture of what they look like when they loose all their leaves.

But then they get these beautiful and very fragrant flowers. It is worth having a bare stick in your yard for a while!!
Guess that is about it for this writing. Hope you all have a great evening and thanks for stopping by.

Oh, we had to go out for a while in between writing this and on the way home the thermometer down the street said it was...95!!!!!!! Can you believe??? It is only April!!! Just had to add that. I thought it was just way too hot!!


Melissa said...

95! Wow! I don't know how you do it, Barb. :) The plumeria is just beautiful when it blooms! I had to laugh at the comment about growing sticks, haha.

Love the layout! Great picture, and I love how you put each person in the film strip! Also love the varied fonts for the title!

Serene said...

95?!?!? Holy cow and it's only April. Yikes! I sure hope that is not indicative of the kind of summer you are going to have down in Florida.

That lo is really nice. Such good ideas you had with the film strip, the watch and the different fonts. The layering is really cool with the way it lends depth.

What lovely flowers! Who would guess that stick produces such beautiful blossoms.

I thought of you last week. We were at the zoo in New Orleans and we saw a whole bunch of giraffes. I said to myself, "Barb would have loved this". I took some pictures of them and will post on my blog sooner or later when I get a chance.

Anke said...

wow, I love that plumeria. Maybe you could plant something else in front of it or around it, that stays green and covers the stick up :)
I love that page you created, so very pretty, once that mojo hits, there is no stopping you LOL!

Kathleen Summers said...

Been missing you, Barb! I hope you're doing well!

Love & Blessings!