Thursday, April 7, 2011

So Many Things I Never Knew!!!

The longer I live the more I realize I am so uninformed about things, which doesn't bother me, but still makes me wonder what I do know!! LOL

We were watching either the History or Discover channel the other night and they were talking about the center or inside of the earth. I was reading at the time so I was only catching bits and pieces of the show. But I did catch this part.

There are holes or caverns into the earth and this particular one was the size of the Empire State Building. Well now, that was exciting enough but not the clincher for me. What really got to me was...that people parachute into the silly thing!! They only have, if I recall, twelve seconds to pull the cord or they will not land OK. Then after they land at the bottom of this they are hauled back up to the surface with a harness and metal cable. Positively does not sound like fun to me, but to each his own, I guess!!!

They did not elaborate on what happens if you don't pull the cord soon enough and crash land. Maybe, I hope, it has never happened! I would think that you certainly would remember if your life was depending on those twelve seconds!!!

Anyway, all these things that I don't know. And then when I watch more TV and see people talking about all these astronomy things, all the weather details, all that is known about plants and medicines...just to name a few...makes you know that you really don't know much at all!!! Life is fascinating. 

Haven't been doing much of anything. Just watching the bad weather roll in and out. Had company in, two different sets of people, both which we haven't seen in about twenty-five years!! It was unbelievable!! We had so much fun but it was just too short. More about both of those in a later blog!!

I have decided to do a quote scrapbook album. There is a friend that is doing one for each of her grandchildren using pictures of them for it, but I thought I would use random pictures. I am a quote nut and love them so much. They say so much in such few words.

I am probably going to use this one to start: "There is never enough time to do all the nothin' you want", Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbs!! I saw it on a LO of another friend, Laura, on Designer Digitals last week. I love it and thought it would be a good place to start. I just need to find the pic that I want to use. Take a look at it. Laura is a great scrapper and I think it is a beautiful LO!

I have been scrapping, scrapping, scrapping. It feels so good when it all "happens" for you. Let me see what I have to post.

Click for larger view

These are my flamingos. I don't know why but I love to scrap them. Guess it is the color. No matter how many times I go to Busch, I always come home with more pics of them. So you will always see more and more pages of my flamingos.

Click for larger view

Of course there are the lions. I love them, too. Guess maybe I just love the animals!! LOL They never put on an act. They are just being themselves, and I love that. I hate fakiness, and animals don't do that!

And the last one is of one of the beaches by us. We only live about twelve minutes away from the beach and just love them. The entire side of the coast of Florida where we live is just one beach after another. They are all different. Some have boardwalks you have to use to get to them, others you can get to just from street side. Just get out of your car and there you are. Jim and I promised each other never to get used to the peaceful beauty of the 'oce'...short for ocean as we call the Gulf of Mexico!!!...the fine white sand beaches and the palm trees. We often go there just to unwind for a while...or watch the sun set. 

Click for larger view
That is about it for today. Have a few things to do and then I think I am going to read. I haven't been reading much and have missed it.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!


Nancy said...

I don't think I would enjoy the cavern all.. LOL

Lovin the layouts! The flamingo one is one of my favorites of yours

Terry said...

I think the album on quotes is a great idea!!

Serene said...

I've heard of that cavern parachuting. Nuts is the word that comes to mind for those who do it. question. How do they know you only have 12 seconds? Did someone count and never get to 13? Again...nuts!

I like your newest los, Barb. My fav, I think, is the one with the lions. That journaling, "just lion around" cracks me up. But the flamingoes are very pretty. I always take pics of them when we go to Busch.

Scrapergirl said...

Hell-o Barb!!!!
Havent been up here in a while school is keeping me busy.Love all the layouts very nice. Your narration of the storm. Have a blessed day!4/8/2011
Gloria Harvey

Anke said...

I love every single page you created. The title for the lion one is so cool, love the flamingoes and the beaches make me jealous. Like I said before, you have come a long way baby! (there's a quote for your book LOL) I started a quote book when I was taking classes at Jessica Sprague's but I never finished it. Sounds like a fun thing to do!
As for things you don't know, you should talk to my hubby, he is heavily into quantum physics etc. Amazing stuff going on at that level, you couldn't even imagine! Boring too though :)

Melissa said...

Whew, cavern parachuting...that's something I don't see myself doing!

Love your layouts, especially the one of the flamingos.. so bright and colorful! I like the idea of a quote scrapbook, and I love that quote from Calvin! :)