Friday, November 14, 2008

It's A LULU of a Day!!!

I found this out early in the day!!!

I subscribe to an inspirational thought for the day. Along with the inspirational thought every morning, they tell you what that day St. Patrick's Day, Love Your Mom Day...Smile At Someone You Don't Know Day or whatever. I figure in my position as Office Administrator I need to be kept informed of these things so I look at least somewhat informed.

So today is LULU. In case some of you are not kept abreast of these types of important facts...that is short for Loosen Up Lighten Up Day.

What a wonderful idea for a special day. So for at least this day we need to try to loosen up and lighten up.

How is this for a start???

I have had this thing for so many years. I use it on special occasions! Like when someone is in a really bad mood or they are bugging me and I would really rather growl at them! It breaks the mood and we all end up laughing!! I can not even remember where it came from but I love it and would love to find more to hand out!!! Isn't it a scream?? To see that when I turn around in my chair when you are not expecting it brings a belly laugh from everyone!!! Love it!!

Business has been picking up for us. While still not at a peak by a far cry, it is getting better...thus I have had less time to blog!! Ugh! I hope we get some relief soon with all of this. We just got word this week that Florida Power is getting a 25% rate increase a month. Tell me how people are going to deal with that one. They said it was because of the fuel increases. Well, what is happening with the fuel decreases??? Someone doesn't get the picture and I am not that sure it is the public.

It has been in the mid to upper 80's this week and now over the weekend it is to drop the bottom out. 80 Saturday and 66 Sunday with a low of 43. Dag gone cold for us!!! Well, on goes the heat and more money to the power company. Hummm. Never thought I would call it the power company. In Ohio it was always called the electric company!!! Guess you can teach old dogs new tricks!

Been dreaming this week. Besides wanting that Mac, now my boss has been tantalizing me with the ipod touch. Oh how I would love one of those. I don't need one. I just want one. Everyone should have a dream...and those two are mine right now. Well...maybe three long as I am dreaming...someone can throw in one of those Treo phones. Wow! I am just so hooked on techno things. Just love them. So if you want to donate any of those products, just leave a comment and I can make it possible for you to get them to me. I have been begging my boss...since he is constantly blatantly flaunting them before me...that he needs to get me at least one of those for Christmas, but he just smiles at me and chuckles. Nice guy.

Well, I guess since it is LULU Day I need to come clean with you all. Take a look at this. This is what the pic looked like before I ran it though editing! Thought we needed a laugh! Yikes!! I'm more wrinkled than I thought!!! But never forget...I earned every one of those wrinkles and gray hairs!!!

LOL LOL Pretty bad huh?

Anyway, I know I am posting this late in the let's change this from LULU Day to LULU Weekend. Have a Loosened Up and Lightened Up Weekend. Take the time to have some special fun in your weekend...even if things are pretty rotten right now. It is just a time to put at least a bit of joy and laughter in your life. Giggle. Be silly. Do something special for someone. Do something out of the ordinary. Have some fun. It will be good for all of us.

What's that?

Do I hear laughing?

Hope so!

My thought for the day.



Anonymous said...

That has always been my philosophy (spelled right?) Laughter changes so many things and it is easier to laugh than to frown!

Russ said...

Anonymous said...
That has always been my philosophy (spelled right?) Laughter changes so many things and it is easier to laugh than to frown! Hit the wrong button---oops

Demented said...

I love it! Priceless! Made me smile :)

Terry said...

Wonderful! You are such a nut!

"See Me"... said...

You obviously had a LULU day!
Loved your honesty about the photos.
Hope the weekend is a good one for you.

Lisainok said...

Your such a goof and I love it! Thanks for the smile and lets have a LuLu of a week!

Eileen said...

Love the mask! Great lady behind it too!