Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Time To Pause

As the holidays approach I can feel the hustle and bustle start to fill the air. It makes me unhappy.

I remember only too well the holidays with the family when I was a good bit younger. They were a whirlwind. I see now that I was so wrapped up in the "doing" of the holiday I never really got to fully enjoy or experience the true holiday time.

We had a family of three children, were working two jobs, and going to college part time. To get everything done we were going all the time. To add to the business, the one job we both had at the time had their year end in December which meant that we had to take a physical inventory. Being a lumber company in Ohio it meant counting every nut screw and bolt not to mention the lumber outside in the snow where it was so cold your pens wouldn't write. Then we had to grab the calculators and extend all the prices and double check it. It also meant that your job depended on the results of that magical ending figure. Not the good makings for a happy holiday!
We never gave it a real thought. We were extremely busy but thought that was how life was. And it is that way with so many people today. I also know that it most times it can't be helped. That is what makes me unhappy.

So it is my wish for everyone, to be able somehow to slow their lives in this busy maze we find ourselves, take a deep breath and pause long enough to gather in the real spirit of the holidays. I know it is sometimes almost impossible, but we still need to maneuver things just a little so it happens. Life only comes round once to us. Don't let the most precious times slip away.

I have to show you something. I have been so busy trying to get my digi things organized that I have not scrapped in such a long time. Well, due to the nudging of Terry I got myself in gear and here is a layout I did for my new friend Joanna.

This is Joanna and her wonderful son, Robert. Robert has just won a ribbon in the Special Olympics and I am going to scrap the event for her. I am so thrilled to be able to do this for her. So I just started with this picture of Robert and her. Isn't it a great picture? Hope you like it.

I am hoping to have more time the next few days to scrap, scrap, scrap. It feels so good to be away from the organizing. What a pain. But I can't find anything if I don't get the stuff into ACDSee. Oh the woes I have!!! LOL

Hoping you all have a very beautiful Thanksgiving. Pause and take time to thank God for all your wonderful blessings.

My thought for today.



Russ said...

I remeber those days of you and dad working. I would also like for you to know the even though those were hectic days and for a child at the time, seemed to never end. You and dad went above and beyond to show your love for us. I just wanted you both to know that it wasn't until i was a parent to understand just how blessed the three of us were with parents like you both!

We do spend too much time indoing and not participating in the holiday!! But with examples like we have been blessed with---one family at a time will continue to pass that meaning on to our kids.

Thanks and a wonderful holiday season to you as well.

Demented said...
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Demented said...

Edited to say my first post was messed up :)

I agree with my wonderful brother (by the way-hope your arm is doing better).

I have very fond memories of the holidays. Lots of presents, food...(remember the cinamon roll up things you would make with leftover pie crust..yum), homemade chocolate candy. Going to the church functions (carolling, dinners).

You may feel you were too busy. But, you were always there when we needed you and provided loving memories that I hope to have with my kids as well.

I love you!

Terry said...

Awwwww.....Barb--what wonderful things your kids had to say!

I love the LO--you need to crank at least 3 out a week. Keep that mojo going. If you wouldn't download so many freebies, you would be caught up with organizing! :) LOL

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving day. Enjoy the dinner out---that's what I would like to be doing!! Then scrapping the rest of the day---instead, I'll be cleaning up a mess.