Monday, November 10, 2008

Lazy Weekend In Florida

It was a nice weekend in Tampa Bay this weekend. Actually, it might have been just a tad warmer, but the way I look at can always put clothes on...but if it is too hot there is a limit to how many clothes you can take off and then you are STILL too hot! It was about 78 out and the sun was shining in a beautiful blue sky. A rather lazy couple days to be exact.

Saturday breakfast turned out to be a challenge. It was one of many people's least favorite days in the St. Pete/Clearwater/Largo area. It was the Iron Man contest or whatever they call it. It is terrible for the residents around here when that comes to the area. We know that it brings in a lot of money but it is pure hassle for the rest of us.

I am not positive about this because I am totally not interested in it, but I think there is swimming, running and biking in the contest. Supposed to be gruelling. Because of the running and biking they close so many streets in the area that as everyone can not get from point A to point B. It is a gigantic pain to get anywhere. So getting to breakfast was indeed a challenge...and not being able to get to where we had planned we pulled into the first available restaurant. It was OK but not what I had wanted.

Come to find out, the owner of the place we had intended to eat at was on TV that night complaining that he lost about $1000 for breakfast trade because of it! That might not seem like much, but to a Ma and Pa place, that is a big chunk of income! Oh well, enough said, but it definitely is a huge pain!! Glad it is over.

After getting errands done, we got back home and spent the remainder of the day having fun with laundry, surfing the Net and organizing in ACDSee. I am really putting time in on ACDSee. I was getting nowhere because I have been doing more downloading than organizing, so I decided to change my ways and really get some organizing done.

Sunday we took off to Busch Gardens. Spent most of the day there. It was such a pleasant day. Everyone our age was really taking it easy. Those with small children...well, forget it. You can imagine!!

Look at this guy. This is how nice it was. Even the roaring lion decided to sit in the sun and enjoy! Isn't it great when you can get this close to these animals!! Blow this up bigger and take a close look at him!
And the flamingos loved the sun as well and took some time to prune in the warmth of the afternoon sun.
So went our weekend. Nothing got done but we had a great time doing it! (Well, we do have clean clothes!) That is what weekends are for...R&R! We can work during the week. That is why they call it the work week!! Hope you all had a great one, too.

Till next time,

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russ said...

great pics! that is my favorite kind of weekend; lazy.

Demented said...

I love the pictures. They are great! I am glad you had a peaceful weekend. You need that every now and then!

Terry said...

Love the quote Barb! I'll have to give it a try! Sounds like such a relaxing weekend---Busch Gardens. I love that place---only been to the one in VA. The pictures are awesome!