Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy Day

Saturday has finally arrived. Don't we all sort of live for the weekend to get here...that is if you have the weekend off!

Have a very busy day planned for today. Lots to do to get my new scrap desk switched form the old one to the new one. I have heard from others that it will take a while till I get everything where I want it. I am so running out of room and I have only been scrapping for a year and a half, so I can not even imagine where all you seasoned scrappers store everything. I can see now that there is absolutely no way that you can have everything at arms reach!! And the more I put away the more I see I to have the entire set of things like Tim Holtz products and Stickles!!! Dream on....

I am going to try to get a pic of at least part of my desk today and try to get it posted so you can see it. I am so thrilled to have this dedicated space so I won't have to pick up and put away every time I scrap!

Well, I need to get outside and sweep up all the grass from mowing. And would you believe our dear neighbor came over while we were inside and edged the entire lawn?? How sweet is that? So there is LOTS of grass to gather.

Check back tonight or perhaps tomorrow and I will let in on my new project I want you to be part of. I would do it now only it will take a little time to explain it correctly.

Feel compelled to offer you a taste of beautiful Florida!

Enjoy your day!!!

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Terry said...

Love those pink flamingos!!!