Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Morning

There is just something special about Sunday morning! I guess it is the fond memories I have of going to church with my darling Dad. After church we would go to his sister's house, my Aunt Mid, and have so much fun. She always had fresh backed chocolate chip cookies and she was so sweet...someone really special in my life. Or we would stop at the bakery and get some of the wonderful apricot filled cream flaky...and such a wonderful smell in there, or go to Dad's brother's gas station, Uncle Abe, what a guy, and get a Grapette pop! Humm...all connected with food. Not a surprise to me. Food was always a big deal at my family!! Whenever you were happy you were to eat...whenever something was wrong you were to eat...a philosophy for which I am still paying for today! But as a child life was beautiful!! To this day Sunday has a very special feeling for me. Warm fuzzies.

I want to tell you what I want to do here but I have to tell you it isn't ready to go yet. Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley from when you were in school? Well, I hadn't until about a month ago.

Evidently poor Stanley had a bulletin board fall on him in school. Flattened him flatter than a pancake! But, as some people do when life hands them a bad deal, he turned it into good. It seems being flat made it possible for him to be mailed around the see the sights and learn all about the world and the people who inhabit it!!

So that is what I am going to do. I am making a "Flat Barb"!!! She has been not 'born' yet. I need to finish her and get her presentable!!! Then I am hoping you will ask for her to be mailed to you. You will show her around and fill in her travel journal with pics and journaling that will travel with her.

I had seen this done on Oh Scrap and it is so nice. I thought that is exactly what I want to do. Not only will it just be fun but I am hoping it will bring all who come to this site to become a close knit group. To know and care about each connect our thoughts with each other. So post away here...let's see what is on each other's minds and what's up in each of our lives.

So in the next week or two I will finish up Flat Barb and hope someone will offer to host her! Are you with me on this?? I hope you are!

Take a look at Oh Scrap's Flat Joscie.


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