Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting Anxious

Well, here I am at work. Why am I posting? I guess I will claim it lunch!!!???

This is going together but very slowly, and I won't have time to do anything tonight, either. We are going to our daughter's to celebrate our grandson's fifth birthday!

I would rather do it on the weekend so we could spend more time...she lives a distance away...but I like to celebrate it on his birthday!! So we are going tonight and practically turning right back to start home. But we enjoy it just the same!!

Thanks goes to our wonderful daughter, who is a web designer, for getting me my beautiful header! Bless her. She does so much for us! Love her to pieces!!! Couldn't ask for a sweeter, nicer person. We are so proud of her!

That is about all I have time for right now. Everyone have a wonderful day!!


Eileen said...

Yay, Barb!!!! Applause! Applause! I'm so happy to see you doing this! Now I'll get to know a bit more about you too. Believe me when I say it gets a little addictive, but I think it's pretty cheap therapy.

I love the title! Can't wait to know what your thoughts are!


Melissa said...

Your daughter did a great job on the header! Happy birthday to your grandson!