Friday, June 27, 2008

Just One of Those Days

It was just one of those days! You know work and work and you just don't seem to get anything done! Well that was it for sure today! But still a good day at that, so can't complain.

But you might as well know now that I am a total Starbucks freak! I even have my husband hooked now, too! And every Friday is officailly Starbuks night after work. It is our payoff for getting through the week! However, it seems that we are getting more days of the week that are becoming Starbucks day which I will explain more at a later date!! But we soon will be swooning over a decaf Cafe Americano for me and a Soy Chai Tea Latte for him. Life is good!!!

Thanks again to my wonderful daughter, I finally got Flickr up and running. I tried for a couple hours and could not get that thing to like me. But she finished it up and it is finally there. Anyone who wants can post there, however, I really would love to see some good scrapping layouts! So go on and upload. You will find the link on the right under Community. Would love for you to post your pic, too, so I can get to put a face with a name. I am going to get mine up very soon. Took some last night at my Grandson's birthday bash so I just need to find one that I like!!

It is time to get ready to go home. I still am at work waiting for my husband to bop down from his work...just up the street...and then on to Starbucks. Ummm......see ya

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