Friday, September 19, 2008

First Week Back After Vacation

The first week back after vacation is not the best week of the year...especially when you work with a bunch of guys that don't even know how to put a purchase order on a hook!!! LOL All in all my return this year was pretty easy compared to all the others. I guess they believed me when I said you can use my desk and do whatever you want...BUT...when I return, I want everything just like I left it with all you need done in one stack...or there had better be a huge Starbucks sitting in the middle of my desk!!! Knowing they are pretty much on the...shall we say cheap side...not to mention would not be caught dead inside a Starbucks...I thought I was pretty safe asking for that!!! For some reason going inside one scares them. They say...I'm not going in there!!! But anyway, this week has been pretty uneventful for which I give great thanks.

However I sure am looking forward to that trip for my Friday Starbucks with Jim. Sorry to say we have had to cut out our daily trips due to the economy. Couldn't justify the dollars...but it sure makes Friday seem very special!!! LOL

I have been working on so many things at home right now and finally getting a few finished up. Mainly trying to figure out ACDSee to organize my digital scrapping so I can digi scrap again. I don't want to let it go any longer and get so bogged down that I feel like I will never get out! I am so thankful for help from Terry of Terry's Tales. She has been working with the patience of Job with a very slow learner!

I did take time to request our mail-in election ballots. They are urging everyone to use the mail-in ballot to eliminate the long lines at the polls. Never have done that, but our daughter has done it for quite a while and it has worked well for her. I guess it is better than lines standing in the hot sun!! Even the early voting had lines for the big elections. So we will give it a try!!!

Will be heading up next week to our daughter's for our grand daughter's eleventh birthday, so we will be finishing up the last present buys Saturday! Other than that no great plans.

Guess I need to close and finish up here so I can get ready to go home. In about an hour I should be sitting at our favorite Starbucks looking out the window at the beautiful sites of Florida. It is so beautiful here. Everyone landscapes so nicely! By the do realize that I am helping the planet earth when I drink my Starbucks...right? They give away all the used grounds for you to put into you soil to help your garden. I knew there was a good reason I did this!!! LOL

My thought for the day.


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Demented said...

Vacation......what's that? :)

I am glad you took 'you' time and I know coming back in after vacation is hard. Maybe those guys are FINALLY learning to appreciate everything you do for them.