Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Just Wandering

It has been about two weeks of little irritations of which nothing was a big deal yet I could feel it wearing away at me. Just little work glitches and computer problems, software problems and unfinished projects that all want to be the proud winner of driving me over the wall. Not going to happen. I am holding my own!!!

But I haven't posted just for the fact that there has not been anything very interesting to post. But here I am with the wanderings of my life just because I am here!! I do have to boast just a tad about our wonderful Tampa Bay Rays!! They are just awesome! From worst to first!!! Can you believe it? I am now a baseball fan in the worst way!!! They are playing today at 1:00 and I sure am going to be listening. If they win this game they will be the division champs! Can't wait to see what happens!!

Election time is fast approaching. Everyone needs to vote. Please be sure to know the candidates and vote your convictions. We have the great privilege of voting so please don't just cast it aside.

Also I want to make you all aware of a wonderful blog. It is Demented Therapy. It is my daughter's blog and I think you will enjoy it. It is just her place to gripe or whatever about things that are...shall we say...getting under her skin. I find it delightful in the fact that it is therapy just because she can type it out...get it out of her system...and let it go at that. Maybe that is demented in a way...but hey, if it works!!! I don't know, perhaps there is a way you could write her about your pet gripes. Haven't thought about that before!

Hummm speaking of pets...LOL...I need to let you in on another wonderful site. It is called Sam Sezs. It is a site about cats written by a cat named Sam. There is a wonderful part where cats write in for advise. It is really cute. Look it up and enjoy a few minutes there where you can relax and just chuckle and laugh!

Well, Jim and I had to find someone new to cut our hair this week. Our beautician that we have had for about seventeen years is no longer working late enough for us to get to her shop due to the fact that she has had a baby. Do you know how traumatic it is to try to find someone new to cut your hair??? I mean...where do you start? Everyone has certain things they like and don't like done with their hair. How can you explain all this at one time to someone new?? Well, we bit the bullet and found someone. They really did do a good job...well sorta!?!! My hair is now parted on the left not the right (due to the fact that they cut your hair facing away from the mirror...thus you have no idea what they are doing!!)...LOL but I guess I like the change. I don't think my hair is thrilled about it. It still wants to part on the right but I just keep telling, no...other side. Jim has beautiful waves in his blond and graying hair but he hates them. So he has them cut out. Well...until the other night anyway. She says you can't cut waves out. Hummm...we will show her you can. But all in all we are satisfied and lived through it. Technicalities will all come in time!!

I see that Mr. McCain has suspended his campaign until this economy whatever is settled. Isn't it terrible right now? I am sure that if we didn't have credit cards we all would be standing in lines to get food as many of our parents did. I am not sure that using the credit cards is the answer but....

I have rambled enough for you today. I hope to get some pics soon to share and get my flat Barbie going. All in due time. I am making progress. Hope you all have a good weekend coming up.

Just my thought for the day.



Demented said...

Yes, finding a haircutter is beyond tiring. In my small town it is even worse. I think they purposely like cutting your hair uneven so you will come back sooner! GO RAYS!!

Terry said...

Barb--I have been going to the same hair stylist for 28 years. I would die if I had to find a new one!! Thanks for your daughter's link. Going to check it out. Now that you are somewhat "organized" get to scrapping!!

rl_hunt said...

Here is another nice site! Called A how to site, set up like utube from everything to how to build or repair something to how to win a beauty pagent. Pretty cool site. Like the quote for today also! Go Rays!! I think the mohawk is coming this weekend!