Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Swiftly Pass the Days

Life is still busy for which I give thanks. I don't even want to think of life with nothing to do. Can you imagine??? A month or two of nothing in the world to do but pass away time might sound good to most of us...but I am sure it soon would be much worse than all the years of going to work week in and week out!!!

Check out this pic. This is of our youngest son scuba diving off the Bahamas. Now I don't know about you but I am quite content just to look at these pictures. I have no desire to go look a shark in the face! He also sent a beautiful video that shows him with 30 or more sharks swimming all around him while a fellow from the scuba tours was feeding them raw meat. Now to me that takes a person that perhaps is a little over the edge!! Obviously, when he was born and they passed out brains he thought they said trains and said let them go by!!! Just kidding! When I knew he was going to the Bahamas and was taking his scuba gear, I just tried not to think about it until he returned. But that didn't work very well. At the time he went, there was a hurricane headed straight at the Bahamas. We kept in touch to let him know what was going on...so he never failed to mention what he had seen on the day's dive. So much for the well laid plans!!!

I am busily working with my digi scrapping and he also wants me to do two hands-on pages from his trip. I have plenty to fill my evenings! I like it that way, though. At my age...if you aren't activly busy doing something it is the old snore away time in the chair as you try to watch TV!! Ahh...the joys of aging!!!

We went to Busch Gardens for a while Sunday and got to see this female lion up close.It is so awesome to get to look at these animals eye to eye! They have thick plastic or glass panes that allow the animals to come right up to the windows. I personally love the apes and gorillas the most, but have to admit this lion was something special, too. We have gotten to see the male like this and his size is quite intimidating!

I love having the passes to Busch. We are only about thirty minutes away so we will decide to run over on the spur of the moment. It is nice because we only go for as long as we like so it is a very nice get away!!

The weekend is here. Hope you all have time for family fun and take some special time for you, too. If you aren't contented, you can't be the person you need to be for your family. You are important, too.

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fiddlestix2 said...

Those are awesome pictures. I would be too afraid to do the shark swimming. Funny how you change as you get older - or at least most of us! LOL

Terry said...

Swimming with sharks!!! NO Thanks!! Although the pictures are great. Love the shot of the lion too. Have a great weekend.