Monday, January 12, 2009

I Need to Wake Up!

What a day today! The beginning of the year is always a hustle. Account year end work due, files to change, IRS documents to print...I can put up with that. Stupidity and rudeness, I can't.

I am working away today getting done what I myself need to get accomplished and in walks one of the estimators and says hey Barb look at this. So I look. Well low and behold there he points to a list of 45 bidders on a job he is quoting.

Yuk! While I don't relish doing that many, it is my job and so I do it. It was after 1:00 at that point and he says they have to go out by 5:00. Right. I said, can't happen. He says has to. I said there is no way that can get done. Not to mention I have some taxes that HAVE to be done today!

I begrudgingly take the book and start to call to make sure they are all bidding. Mind you, he gets this book with this list every month so he knew he was bidding it way ahead of this. And to make matters worse, he says he doesn't have the bid ready yet he waiting to get a price from a rep. *sigh* The boss said well don't you just scan it into the computer and then type their stuff on each one? Sure. After you call them, check that each one is in the computer so you can fax, type the proposal and also add all the missing ones into the database. Just that, that's all!!

Well, as it came out, he didn't do the proposal; he said we will have to do it in the morning. BTW I told him it wasn't due till 2 tomorrow and he said yeh but some want it today. Please. Give me a break. Oh well, so it goes.

Then, my container that holds everything, you know the ones, scratch paper, paper clips, stamps etc. falls in back of my desk where I can't reach it! My printer took a hissy fit like it does from time to time and wouldn't print an envelope. Only took me 30 minutes to print one envelope. I did my company backup and low and behold...the CD pops out like it is supposed to do...only there was a dreaded *blunk* noise with it. You know...the one that means something went wrong. Sure enough. BACKUP FAILED!!

So I was in tears on the phone with Jim. He is calming me down. I could have gone into what Oprah calls an ugly cry. I had just had it!!!

What really made me mad was that everyone was snickering. They just didn't get that I have things I have to do, too, and that when someone looks at something and sees that is far beyond normal, they could think ahead enough to give me an extra day to work on it. Or how about alerting me to the fact it is coming so I can arrange my day so time has been allowed for it! The snickers made me angry.

But...I need to wake up. I should not let how people with this kind of brain function get me upset because they are so unaware of helping each other.

So all in all, it has been a good day. I have learned a good lesson. Don't stress myself because of some else's lack of caring. They sure aren't stressing over it. They are having a good laugh!!

Well, I had started this blog yesterday evening and had put it on hold. Things are looking better today. My head has cleared and it's a fresh slate. Life is good again, at least for the moment.

So that is my thought...or gripe! for today.



Demented said...

Leave it to men to put a kink in your day. They will find a way somehow!! LOL

Sorry you had such a bad day. Things can only get better after such a day!

"See Me"... said...

Oh Barb what a c***py day that was. But ain't blogs grand as therapy and getting it all out there in one big blaaah.
Like the positive attitude of not letting others mood and processes mean that they are your processes.

Hope the day continues to e a good one for you.

Terry said...

bwaaaahhhh bwaaaaaahhhhh---that's me crying for you! Hey! don't let the small things get you! In the big scheme of things---this is so minute Barb. Now something happening to hubby---that would be a big thing and I'd say cry your eyes out girl. Don't sweat the small stuff. Certainly not worth it. Scrap instead!!!