Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I thought but now I know

that I am addicted to scrapping. You know, we all "say" we are, but I guess I always sorta thought we said it in a joking way really.

Well, today, I know we really aren't joking. Last night when we got home from work, I always walk over and turn on Jim's computer, go to my purse, retrieve my hard drive and go turn on my laptop. Jim takes care of bringing things in from the car and tending to the dog and cat.

We always sit down and Jim looks at the news on the Internet and I scan through the blogs again. Then after he gets changed we will turn off the computers and go get some dinner.

Well, for some reason last night, I guess because we were really later getting home from work, than usual, I did not put my hard drives in because I knew we would be leaving right away to go eat. I thought, I will just check the blogs and we will go, I will put the drives in when I get home.

And I did just that. When we came home I dropped off my purse and grabbed the hard drives. Walked to my lap and put them in. It was pitch dark in the house; Jim had not come in yet. I thought to myself, why am I having such a hard time finding the USB ports tonight? It is freaking dark in here! Well, it was DARK in there because I usually already have the drive in when we get back and I go turn on the TV and the lights as my computer is booting. Tonight, that was not the case.

Jim comes in the house and starts laughing. I said, "What is so funny?" He says, "It is dark in here." "Yeh. I had a hard time finding my USB ports. Why is it so dark?" He is still laughing. I look at him and say, "What is so funny????"

"You", he says! "What?" "You get home and all you can think of is getting the lap up and running! You are sitting in the dark! Computer, computer...gotta get my computer going." Still laughing. "You are addicted!!!" Now we were both laughing!! LOL He had said the other night that my lap and I are one! LOL I said, "!!! You to the Internet, me to my scrapping!" He said, "Yep." I said, "I was wondering why I couldn't find my's because I didn't turn on any lights!"

That started the evening out with us both standing over our computers having a great laugh over the paths our lives have taken. How long has it been since you have just stood with someone and laughed? Laughter is such a great thing.

Many years ago now, we both had said how we didn't see any need for a computer. We had lived without them all out lives and just couldn't see the need.

We sure don't feel that way now. Once you go there, there is no turning back. Especially for us, what shall I call us..."free at last" people. Meaning we are no longer bound to commitments of family...other than each other. When we get home from work or on the weekends, out time is pretty well our own. And while you do miss some of those family commitments in a strange sort of way sometimes, it really is a great feeling to be able to spend an entire evening, in fact every evening just about, doing exactly what both of you want to do! Most nights for us it is staring at the computer with the TV running ever so softly in the background.

It is our time together. We chat all night about everything. From what we see on the Internet to what is going on in our lives while we are not together. It it fun for us. A laughing and sharing time. A bonding time. A time we look forward to each night!

Last night not only gave us a good laugh but it also made us stop for just a few minutes and see how our lives have really changed. Because change is usually slow, sometimes you don't even notice things are not like they used to be. It was a good night!!

My thought for the day.



"See Me"... said...

It is great to laugh each day- my room mate and I find that there is always something to laugh about during the day- I think in fact that I am happier here than at home mainly because like you I feel "free at last" here free from the pressure of having to do what others think I should do.
I really enjoyed reading your post Barb cos it made me think and made me smile now at some stage during the day I need tears and I'll be complete?!

Demented said...

You addict! LOL! You guys deserve the peace after all those painful years with us kids :)

Glad it was a great evening for you!

Terry said... dear friend---you are just now figuring out that you are addicted!!! ROFLOL!! I've know you to be addicted from the first time I read your post on MM.

Happy for you to know---I am the same. Geez.........I think this just might be an illness.