Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Done

with all my work and I am bored. I am biting at the bit to work on my digi class LO but...there is journaling that I have done on it in a circle. My computer here at work doesn't have that font so it won't let me put another one in. Well, I suppose it would if I were smart like some...but it is in a journaling circle path and I don't know how to accomplish it! And I am supposed to group the layers on this thingy and I am afraid if I group it I won't know how to ungroup it to get back the font I want. Oh well, I will just start on some other LO but I am on a "want to finish" basis with that one.

Nothing much going on here right now as you can tell by my absence. Our oldest son did end up in the hospital with that nasty staph MERSA. Nasty nasty stuff. They did emergency surgery on him and took out a part of his foot between his little toe and next to the last toe. It went down between them into his foot and was the size of a Sharpie marker. OUCH!!!

He is still in the hospital but hoping to come home late today. We all hope so but want him there as long as necessary. The cultures did come back that it had not gotten into the bone for which we are very thankful.

Nancy is still having a time with her fish. Poor dear. She takes such good care of them and they just drop on her! She does, however, try to raise probably the hardest fish there is...the Oranda. They are the ones with the crest like mass on their heads. And they are not cheap fish!!!

Just waiting till it is 2:30 or 3 so I can go make me a pressed cup of Starbucks. If you have never had a pressed cup of coffee, you need to at your earliest convenience. The only way I can explain it is that it tastes like coffee smells. Ummmm, so wonderful. But I try to hold off till at least 2:30. Bad bad boss's wife got me hooked on coffee at 3:00. She always used to drop by and bring me a cup at 3 when they lived in town. She got the habit from an aunt! But it is a real nice break in the day.

So goes it in my life today. And low and behold, someone just brought me some work to do. So I will close for now.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!

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Terry said...

need to get to work lady!! Hope your son improves enough to come home. Still praying for him.

Demented said...

I have resigned to just having the 5 healthy Oranda's and moving onto a new breed :)