Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's a good

day today. It has been cold...sunny...but cold. Other than that it has been a very nice day.

There is good news on the home front, too. Well, Nancy has not lost any more fish today. That makes it a good day for sure!!

And I am happy to announce that our son Russ...or Rusty as I still slip and call him once in a while because that is why I named him home from his few days stay in the hospital. His surgery is healing nicely and they are pleased. There is new tissue starting already. Praise the Lord. Thank you all for your prayers and continued prayer through his recovery.

Boy it smells good in here. Jim didn't want to go out in the cold tonight so he is cooking stroganoff for supper. Ummm...the onions and garlic smell fantastic!!!

I am looking forward to the Super Bowl tomorrow, but I am just a tad tired of all the specials about it on TV. Since it is here in Tampa it is an extra big deal and they feel they HAVE to cover all of the events that are going on. I know I am supposed to be so thrilled about all the money it beings to the area but until I see some in my pocket...excuse my "uncaringness". But still......GO STEELERS!!!!!!

I did finish a LO today. It is of Emma, my boss' daughter. He keeps me supplied with pictures. I think he likes me to do LO's of her but it would not be his way of doing things just to ask me to do it. I am supposed to know him and pick up on what he wants. After all, isn't that what a secretary is supposed to do?

I need to get on with organizing my files. If I don't keep on organizing, I may never get done. And if I don't do at least a little everyday, I will be getting in deeper. But in reality, it is sort of fun!!!

So I am off to go kibitz about cooking the stroganoff. Have to put my two cents in. Wouldn't want Jim to think he could do it on his own!!!

Have a great night and a wonderful Sunday!!

My thought for today.



Terry said...


Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Cardinals! Cardinals!

ra ra ree, kick em in the knee, ra ra rass, kick em in the other knee!! Bet you thought I was going to say a bad word!!!

Demented said...

Glad you are having a peaceful weekend! Love the layout. You are so talented with them.

"See Me"... said...

I am going to watch the game only because I want to see the ads.
Your weekend sounds like a really pleasant one.
Get that filing organized and you'll feel great.