Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Ever-Changing World

I think I am in the wrong business. If I had any sense at all I would have gone into the orange barrel business. Just where do they store all these orange construction barrels? Silly girl...they don't store them...they keep them on the sides of the roads, in the middle of the roads and even in the middle of some of the lanes!!! There has to be literally millions of these things!!! I really missed the boat on this money maker!

This is some of the work going on as you go into Tampa. At night it is a beautiful picture with the buildings in downtown all lit. But...during the day I am afraid you see mainly the construction barriers!!

Tampa is a fairly large city and looks much bigger than St. Petersburg, but as I have heard lately, St. Petersburg is actually a little larger than Tampa.

We travel this way every time we go to Busch Gardens and it seems as if they will never be done with this. It is a big laugh around here that our great-great-grandchildren will be working on I-4!

Doesn't it seem strange that they make these multi-lane highways that hold so many cars and then all of a sudden you are in a traffic jam because it merges down into two small lanes...which is what you started with in the first place? So now instead of going slower for a long distance you are at a complete stand still for what seems like hours!!!

By the way, all this area is above the ground, built like bridges. You go completely through Tampa overhead of the houses and businesses. I never like to think about that while I am diving through there!! Just gives me a weird feeling!!! One thing I do love about this area is being around so many mobile home parks. We love watching them fancy up their places for the holidays. While we were riding around the other day, Jim took me to one he saw in a park where he had been working that day. This particular place changes the tree for every season. Here is their Halloween offering! Can you believe they leave the train out and running! The joys of being in a seniors park where you are able to do that!!

I love the simple life. It appeals to me and it is where I am comfortable. We each need to find our niche and I am so glad I found mine. I hope each of you are happy wherever you are. That is what life is all about.

My thought for the day.



Terry said...

The barrels in the road--called progress Barb. Hey--where is the goose in the yard?

Demented said...

That tree is so funny! I never have become used to Christmas in Florida either. Seeing all the xmas decorations without the snow!