Sunday, October 19, 2008

Smiling Sunday

It's Sunday. Taking time to just hang around and get revitalized for the week ahead. I am just sitting here smiling. Talked to our daughter and she has put some warm fuzzies in her parents' hearts. It is always so nice when you can sit back and see your children doing all those things that you hoped some day you would get to see.

The past few days...since Thursday if I am right...daughter Nancy has been watching over...actually, taking care of, an 82 year old male neighbor. His wife had been called away for a funeral of a very dear friend and asked her if she would watch over him and make sure he is OK. He manages by himself, but she would just like for her to stop in and check on him. No problem for her...she would be happy to help.

Well, it didn't sound like a biggy. He would get his own breakfast and lunch and she had dinners she could heat for evening for him. Relatives were going to call and church would take him to Bible study and Sunday service. All should be fine.

Well as all plans did this one. As it has gone so far...she has cooked meals, shared lunch with him, lets the dog out, and taken in a hot meal or had him over each day for evening meals. She just felt he was lonely and also...he did not like what was left for him! LOL

The other day while she was there, his eye doctor called and needed to see him. Very bad infection. So off to the eye doctor (he needs a wheelchair to go a distance!). Couldn't get the prescription filled because of insurance etc. and what they gave her to use was not working. His eye was fire red and watering profusely (she had worked as an opthamology tech). Had to go get drops to flush eye often till wife could get prescription filled. Infection was also very contagious!!

Then she looks out and sees his garage door opening. She goes over and he is going to go for a walk. Not good. So she suggests he get in the wheelchair and they both will go for a walk! You need to know she lives at the top of a hill and you go nowhere without going up or down a hill!! I am in a wheelchair a lot because of my muscle disease and we get a call yesterday that she has a new-found respect for anyone that pushes a wheelchair!!! To add to all this, the church forgot to come get him for Bible study on Wednesday; she had to round them up!!

What a good sport! She is still smiling, yet exhausted. With all this, she works two full-time jobs from home, home schools two of her three children, runs the house and keeps the children and herself on an exercise program that would put my exercise crazy boss to shame!!! She says...oh...I just have a special place in my heart for him. He is so sweet!

Well, at last check...after dinner last night at her house she said to him..."You know...on Sunday we grill hamburgers and have homemade french fries...." and he stopped her there with..."I'm there!!!!" LOL How could you not love this guy??

This has not only been a very special time for her neighbor... he obviously is loving the time with her and her family, feeling the joy of feeling special and having people around, but it has given mom and dad joy, seeing what you hoped you instilled in your children come into fruition.

It has been a beautiful few days. I know she is exhausted...but it is the kind of exhaustion that is worth it.

The exhaustion will disappear in a few days...but the joy she has given to one human being will last for eternity.

Her friend is thrilled..her parents so pleased...she feels good doing what she is doing...God is smiling.

"Well done my good and faithful servant."


Demented said...

Oh, now look what you've done. It's not even 6:00 in the morning and you are making me cry. But thanks, means a lot to me to know you are proud. Especially, after my late night last night with him (long

Terry said...

she is such a good neighbor and daughter. God will bless her.