Thursday, October 23, 2008

Passing Thoughts

I don't get it. Just because I am getting...well, what should I say...mature...does that mean I can no longer have any fun? Since the Tampa Rays baseball team has been doing so well this year I have become a die hard Rays fan. The entire area is going bonkers over them. I mean...worst to first!

Yesterday being the first day of the World Series games everyone, including me, was pretty high with enthusiasm. You have to watch how you use that word high anymore! So I come into work really encouraging the Rays. I walked out into the warehouse where two of the guys were sitting and shout...GO RAYS! WOOO! I thought they would die laughing. Now if I had been in my 20's or 30's they would have just shouted the same thing back at me...or some other funky saying that is going on here now. But instead I have to pick them off the floor laughing at me!!!

All day long when they would walk by they would say, "Go ahead...give us the call." or some thing like that. Then the laughing would start all over. They had me tell everyone we saw. I felt like a freak.

Everyone else was doing it but because I am old in their eyes...I guess I am supposed to be subdued. Right. The same thing happens when I start to dance or keep rhythm with music that is playing. So I am big AND old. It doesn't mean I don't have any rhythm or like to shuffle around. They all need to get a life. I might be an old foggy in their eyes but I am still having the time of my life! Having fun, laughing and dancing is fun and keeps you young at heart. I intend to keep doing it. Perhaps they need to follow my example!!! LOL

As for those Rays...they lost last night. Put up a good show. It was 3 to 2. No one is discouraged. It is the best four ball!!!

Still busy trying to learn how to digi scrap. There is so much stuff to learn. And you just can't do something once and have least not for me. I have to do it several times. It is going to take a good long while before I know enough to really put out some good layouts. But what a hobby. There is always something to do and something to learn. I just need to keep snapping pictures so that I have something to scrap!!!

Oh Oh Oh. Need to tell you. For the other "old foggies" out there that used to drink hot chocolate made with the old fashioned Hershey's cocoa, Starbucks has a new hot chocolate...well several...but I have one in particular that is great and tastes like it was made the old fashioned way. A fellow we see there often said I had to try it, so I did and wowser!!! I doubt that if you are of the Nestles generation you would share my enthusiasm. is called Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. Oh is it every dreamy! Gives you warm fuzzies as it brings back such great home memories. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Now I need to tell you...I don't think it is called cheap...but so worth it! What a treat!

So go the thoughts for this morning.

Take time to smell the roses...and the coffee! And above all...



Eileen said...

Hey, Barb, I feel the same way about the Lakers. I LOVE the Lakers. I'm a die hard Lakers fan and when they're winning I'm like a teenager at a high school football game....except that the Lakers play basketball. Yeah, I shout and yell "Go Lakers!. I send email..."Go Lakers". I whoop and holler and laugh and LOVE the Lakers.

Don't let them rain on your parade my friend!

Demented said...

Forget those guys.....remember, these are the same guys who can't figure out how to turn on a vacuum! You aren't an old fogy - not even close! So keep whoopin and hollerin!!

Terry said...

Keep on cheering Barb---life would be meaningless without fun in it. Don't let them get to you! Go Rays!!