Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Much I Would Want That!!

The local news was just in wanting me to be on TV. Just how much I would want that! Mirrors are bad enough I sure don't feel the need to see how I look in high definition!!! It seems they are doing a story on how badly the road construction, that has been two years in completion if I remember correctly, has affected our business. Well, it hasn't us a whole lot because we are contract sales, but it has just about destroyed the little printing place next to us!

So they did a story on them. But don't you know of our guys was just dying to get out there so he did...and told them there had been some effect but not too bad! Great. Made me look like I lied!! Duh. He said, "I'm gonna be on television!!" Well hip hip hooray!!! Glad it made his day. Now I hope he doesn't get edited out!!

It is a cold one here today. It is one in the afternoon and still only 59 big wonderful degrees! I even wore a jacket to work today. This is the first year when I have dug out a jacket. I said last year that I am getting old enough now that I don't see the humor in being cold. I would probably give in and start wearing a jacket!! I did give in last year and bought some tennies to wear instead of my flops. I just got toooo cold! So, I guess this year it is the jacket...well...hooded sweatshirt...don't know if I can really go all the way to a jacket yet!

Well, now I have a new dream. Ugh. I never thought I would say this...but..............I want a Mac!!! And it is truly a dream. There is no way I can ever afford one of those...but we all need a dream. I pushed my friend Terry of Terry's Tales over the edge. She had been doing the pros and cons of PC vs Mac and really wanted one...I've been told they just are better than PC' I gave her the shove she needed (along with my daughter's help) and she made the big plunge!!! OOO...can't wait till she gets it. I want to know all about it.

Well now, the Rays get to finish up that fifth World Series game tonight. Hope they win. I always feel badly in big games of any kind. I know there is always a winner and a loser and I wish they could both be winners. It is so sad for one of the teams. But geez...if someone has to lose let it be them!!!

This weekend the time changes. Don't forget to change your clocks! For those who like to sleep in you'll get your hour back that was stolen from you a few months ago. Personally, I hate the time change. I hate coming to and going home from work in the dark! And when I get home and it is dark, I feel like it is time to go to sleep! Terrible.

In closing, be sure to vote. I know that sometimes we feel like it doesn't mean much , but it is a real freedom that we should cherish. And remember....if you don't can't whine!!!

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Demented said...

Cold indeed! I have been in sweats, socks, shirt and sweatshirt INSIDE my house today! lol!

I wanted to see you on the news!!

Terry said...

Yikes! I'd be freezing too!!! I thought it was bad yesterday when it was 44 in the morning---did warm up to 78. You're bad---pushed me over the edge. What a way to treat a friend! I voted the other day---I can whine.