Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm Feelin' The Sprit

Well, I am beginning to feel the spirit! I get this way each year. As Christmas day approaches I get more and more like a little kid. I start giggling and being silly. But Jim loves it and just looks at me and laughs. I think that is one of the things he likes about me is that I still have that little girl amazement about things even at what shall we say...the beginning of ...shhh...old age! LOL

Do you know what this is?

This is a Jingle Bell Rock. I think some of you are old enough to remember the song..."Jingle Bell Rock". Well, this is a jingle bell rock. When you touch two little silver spots on the top it plays AND sings a portion of the son "Jingle Bell Rock", all the time rocking back and forth to the music! So cute! I love it!! Jim got it for me years ago and I always bring it to work so I can play it for others. Really it is to amuse me but I hate to say that too loudly!

My son in New Jersey can not believe I let people know I have this thing as he calls it. Needless to say his sense of humor and mine are not on the same plane!!! LOL

Got some shopping done last night for DGS and will probably do more tonight for DGD. Other DGS's favorite color is green. I think everyone loves green. Green money that is! That is the easiest to do, too! Have to go to the airport post office tonight and mail a gift. Hope I am not too late...but...I will do the best I can!

Got the tree finished the other night. I think it looks pretty good for as old as it is. It must be every bit of 38 years old. Older than that I think but not sure. It was a really expensive tree when we got it. $80!!! LOL But that many years ago people just couldn't believe we paid that much for a tree. But we were always away through the holidays and didn't want to worry about a fire and we had animals that were there also. Even though it is looking a little bedraggled we hate to get rid of it. It has become so much a part of our Christmas.

BTW. Speaking of my New Jersey son...if by chance he ever shows up on your doorstep to help with your tree...gently decline! What a pain. I thought I was anal. I can't be. I gave it all to him. You see...if you hang on ornament on the left side of the tree...you must hang a corresponding ornament on the right...and so on and so on!! *sigh*

Well, I need to get on with the day but before I do I have to share one more precious thing with you all. This is a picture of part of the manager that my mother made for me. She did ceramics and was very good at it. I love this so much. I know what love and time went into this...so it is a very special part of our Christmas.

So that is where I am so far. But the spirit is on a roll and the old body is gearing in! Hope you all can begin to let go and experience the joy of the holiday!

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Terry said...

Jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock, jingle bells sing and jingle bells rock------love that song!Can't believe you have a real jingle bell rock!!

Tree looks great. Like mother like son. :)

Love the nativity set. I am sure you treasure it.

Demented said...

I remember that nativity set. I love it too!