Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Hero

It has been a busy weekend! Getting things ready for Christmas while having a bit of time to play, too.

Ready to do the icicles on the tree but still have some running to finish today. We have run the entire day and accomplished only a little. I can explain more later...but's that "secrety" Christmas season!!! No hints here!!!!

I have finished another LO. I finished it last night but was waiting final approval before I posted it. I like it. For some reason I had a time with this just getting the right look I wanted. I am so picky...I know...but these are important to me and they have to be perfect in my eye!

This LO is of my friend Joanna's son, in honor of him finishing 3rd in the Special Olympics Bowling. And believe it or not...he did this without his glasses!!!!! He has worn them since he was about nine I think she told me and they forgot to make sure he had them with him that day! I think he would have had 1st place if they had done what they should have done. But either way...WAY TO GO BOB!!! We are so so proud of you!

My thought for the day.



Demented said...

I love the layout. More details on the secret Christmas thing.... :)

Terry said...

Looks great!!! Love how it turned out! Great job---you really don't need any "final" approval--your work is great.