Monday, December 1, 2008

On A Roll!!

I am really on a roll now. After being chastised by Terry about organizing scrapbooking things in ACDSee and not scrapping at all, I was told that I should be doing at least three layouts a week! Oh my! Three a month has been about it for me lately. I said I am on...a...roll! I have completed TWO...yes less than a week. So watch out...I could start putting them out like a printing press if I am not careful.

Opps. Sorry. It just dawned on me I never posted credits for the last layout I did. I apologize. Just too new at this! I will have to look those up when I get home and give credit due.

Here is my latest addition. This is Robert, my friend Joanna's son, at the Special Olympics where he took third place!

Credits: Font-New Times Roman, Swenson. Bear Kit by Barbara/, journaling tag and brad.Scrap N'Ezine film strip frame. Boyerville Gratitude frame. MCO Spray of Red and Barbara Lee, Autumn Leaves paper.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was different this year. Each of the children celebrated on their own. I missed them all but we all seemed to have a nice time.

We went to a fancy restaurant which we have not done in such a long, long time and it was so nice. Jim really loves the place we went and it was so nice to see him relaxing so and having such a great time. He gives of himself so much and asks nothing that when he does suggest we do something I know he really would love to do it. We did and he seem to have a great time!

Myself, I took a day of vacation so with the holiday time I had five days off. How sweet it was. Sure didn't want to come back today!! I had a good time cleaning and scrapping. But back to the grind stone today.

A busy night ahead. Hair cuts, dinner and running errands for my brother before...or after...we pick him up at the hospital from visiting his wife. Hoping she gets released tomorrow. It has been over seven weeks and it was just supposed to be a two day procedure! Complications!!

Have a great night!

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Demented said...

You have no idea what a blessing these layouts are to Joanna. She is so pleased with them.

I am glad dad enjoyed his Thanksgiving. It was a nice Thanksgiving for all of us to just relax and do what we each wanted to do.

Terry said...

Glad to see you are up to the challenge---3 a week. Hmmmmm.....maybe I ought to up the anty :)!!

I'm sure your friend will treasure these layouts. They are truly special.