Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Woo Wee! It Is Getting Close!

Woo Wee! It is getting close to that special time and I am getting excited!! Well as excited as can be with no little ones around. It is always more fun at Christmas when there are little ones around and you see their excitement.

I just have to show you what Buck brought to me yesterday.

This is the sweetest little giraffe! He and his wife won it and know I collect giraffes and he brought it in to me. It will be my bud here at work. At least I will have someone to talk to that I will see eye to eye with. Well not eye to know what I mean.

It has been a real quiet day here at work and I have finished all that needs to be accomplished so I thought I would update my blog.

I do have something to show you all. I have completed another LO! Yea! I do believe I am getting just a little quicker. But when I do these at work (take it easy, take it easy...I do have my lunch hour you know...and before...and after work while I wait on Jim to pick me up!! LOL) they take way way longer because I have to hunt for every little thing I want to use. I don't have my organizational software here.

Well here goes. This is of Santa and me last Christmas at the restaurant by my DD's where we all gathered.

Credits: Betsy Tuma, Plain Digital Wrapper, For Unto Us/cwills papers 5 & 18, ribbon & bow; LHanks frame, light stars. Delicious Scraps/Charming Christmas, poinsettia. Sentimental Style, Ice Crystals alpha

Planning on doing some Christmas running tonight. Not much to finish up, but a little. Not much time left to get it done. We like to keep the week before Christmas free of hustle bustle so we can enjoy it.

One of our fun things to do is to go sit at the mall a day or two before Christmas and watch all the crazy people running around frantically. Try it. I am sure you will have a hoot!

Have a great night.

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rl_hunt said...

I do go to the mall or beach or whereever and watch regularly through the year---but Christmas shopping does add to the fun! CRAZY PEOPLE ARE OUT THERE!! I on the other hand have done NO shopping yet! Somehow I manage to procrastinate until the 22nd or later. Like the layout!! Looks great and I remember you getting excited Santa Talked to you!!

Terry said...

love the giraffe!!

I can just see you at the mall looking at all the crazies! I wouldn't go near a mall if you paid me to. Just toooooooo many people!!

LO is great!

Demented said...

Great layout, mom! I love lettering! I don't think I would venture to the malls either!