Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What A Letdown!!!

It seems the state of the economy has even affected our yearly Christmastime ritual.

We were sitting doing our usual after-work recoup when Jim said...let's go "malling" for a while. For us, "malling" means let's go to the mall and watch the people. Talk about a cheap date...that's one for you.

So off we trek to the mall. Seeing the parking lot we were sure we were in for a real treat of watching the crazy folk go for finish line of "got all the shopping done". There were even four police cars in the lot and had people stopped in cars asking them questions. Not the place for us. Isn't it odd that in your youth you would have stuck around to see what is going on. Old age...get out of there!!! So we rounded the corner to the other side of the mall.

Jim was about to park in no man's land where there are no lights when I wiped that idea from his mind. I am not about to go through the parking lot in a wheel chair to the car where there are no lights!!! Two old people going to a car with one in a wheel chair. Sounds like an ideal set up to be mugged! So we did find a spot brightly lit two spots from the door. Thank you handicap disabled sign!!! LOL

So the lot was full and we get in the mall and while there were a lot of one was rushing around! Not many even had a package in hand. If they did it was only one...many from Victoria's Secret!!! Wonder what that's all about!! LOL

Most were just walking around like us as if that is what they are supposed to be doing at this point in the Christmas rush....go to the mall!!!

Really a disappointment! No mall entertainment for us this year!! Oh well....

We did watch the ice skaters for a while. Always do enjoy this. It was fun to watch families pose on the ice as if they had fallen to have another person take the great pic!!! No doubt a mother that scraps!!! LOLThis mall is in Clearwater and is two story as you can see. The ice rink is always a big attraction to the tourists and amusement to the locals!!! BTW those are strings of lights hanging down from the ceiling. Very pretty in person!!!

While the night was disappointing as to people watching, we did have a nice dinner. We went to a Jewish deli and ate. LOL We go to Jewish deli and what do we eat? Lasagna!!! And it was the most delicious lasagna I have ever eaten other than mine, of course!!!

Well the reason I suggested we eat there was so Jim could get his matzo ball soup. He LOVES that! Me...I opted for good ole chicken noodle...the kind grandmas make!

It was almost like we were supposed to be there. We were at a table and a man our age came and sat at the booth diagonal from us. He struck up a conversation...service being terrible etc...and low and behold, he knew right where we lived. From the area. In fact he built one of the mobile home parks right by us. He chatted for a long time and we had a really good time discussing all sorts of things...but...mainly great restaurants in the area.

Yet what seemed important to me is that his wife was very sick in the hospital. He seemed so sad and he just needed someone to chat with for a while. It was almost like he didn't want us to leave. So I feel our trip "malling" this year was a little disappointing in the fact we didn't see many crazy people, but I feel God had something else for us to do this year. It was a good night.

We had a good time and even got home in time for me to get on Designer Digitals chat and for Jim to rack up the points on his games on the computer. Sure wish he would win that Mac Book!!! LOL

That is it for today. It is just about officially Christmas eve.

I will close, wishing you all a wonderful Christmas tomorrow.

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Demented said...

Yes, God's timing is a fabulous thing! What a special night! See you guys later! Love you!

Terry said...

so glad you were there to spend time with that man. No doubt in my mind god put you there.

Good pics--have a great Christmas.