Saturday, December 27, 2008

Veggies are Good for You!!

Veggies are good for you and that is what we are doing this Christmas time off! Eating our veggies by just vegging out...doing nothing but nothing. And I have to tell you it fells really good. And it is good for you. You should always eat your veggies!

Jim has surfed and played games on the computer all day and I have scrapped. What could be nicer? But I tell you...we are both tired. I think it is like your body has to work really hard at taking it this easy! LOL

We had an exceptionally nice Christmas. Talked with all the family and went to DD's to grab a nice dinner. It was peaceful and beautiful. Will be doing some layouts to share. Got some very nice pictures and I am also planning...planning!...on doing twelve days of Christmas layouts.

Hope I can carry it off. I am hoping since Terry could do one a day for the month of December I should be able to squeak out twelve!! However...she is a speed daemon and I am a lagger!! So we will hope at this point I can do it. (I am being told all the time to stop organizing and start scraping or I will never speed up! That's right and I have realized I will never have my scrapping things all organized because I keep getting more!!) I think the hard part of the twelve days layouts might be taking the pictures each day. What do I do for twelve days that is worth scrapping? You all may see a strange part of my life!!!

Here is what I have been working on today. It is of Jim's sister and brother-in-law. They loved this scooter...took it everywhere and loved when people would stop and talk to them about it. When people would "thumb" a ride at the amusement parks, Ron would have them jump on and give them a ride. He was always out for a good time!! LOL This was taken at their mobile home park when they were in the St. Patrick's Day parade! It was then the Leprechaun Trolley.

Everyone have a great night and a marvelous Sunday.

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rl_hunt said...

Looking at the lay out--1st great one! 2nd seeing them there just made me smile knowing they are together riding again in heaven --not hurting or in pain or worrying---just living in the peace of joy and love!! Really captured them both in this!!! Love it!!

Demented said...

I miss them....You did capture their essence perfectly! Great layout, Mom!

Terry said...

wonderful LO Barb. I left you comments at DD.

I'm trying to veg right now. Oh--and the pictures--you can do it!