Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's That Time!!

It's that time of the year when everyone feels busy. I don't feel busy. I refuse to get into that hustle bustle of the holiday.

We don't have little ones around anymore and that does make staying out of the hustle bustle easier I agree. But one thing I found out is ready or not Christmas will come around on December 25th!

Jim is doing lights on the tree now and refuses to let me help. That has always been his deal with the tree and I guess some things get set in have at it! I personally think that if we don't get done, if anyone comes I will just take them to the boxes and show them the tree part by part. "Here is our tree topper. I wish I could say it is very old but somehow you always seem to have to replace those buggers every year!" Then to the lights. "These are the heat cool...lights that are the big kind. I like them along with these little twinkly ones. Aren't they cute. You should see them when they are on. If you would like...I could plug them in! But as you know...they ALL won't light...never do...but you would get the picture." I guess maybe I am getting just a little too laid back!

I guess what it is, is that Christmas is Christmas every year. All those things that seem to bug us about Christmas is really what makes Christmas, Christmas. The tree topper that never seems to work two straight years in a row, the lights all tangled in a never-ending mess, the bulbs burned out after you get them untangled and have no replacement bulbs, the kids so wound up you are about to go off on them, not having a box of icicles to finish up when you are so tired and don't want to have it to do tomorrow!!

All the little frustrations of the season almost seem to make Christmas...Christmas.

Well looky here! The lights are up. The bubble lights need a little adjusting but that will be after a little nourishment!!

So stage two complete! Now to the decorations! We are on our way!!! Yea!!!

But rememeber...after the hustle and bustle... settle back with family and remember what Christmas is really all about and give thanks.

My thought for the day.



Demented said...

Dad did a great job with the tree! I wish Torrey would do our tree! Hope you had a peaceful evening!

Terry said...

woo hoo! We have lights!! Glad you got that part accomplished! Looks great.