Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another One Tank Trip!

Golly gee! I didn't know it took so many smarts to keep these blogs going the way you want...or at least for me it is a challenge!!!

There are so many things that I want to add that you have to have widgets for...just having learned that word!!! For those of you that don't know that word as I didn't...(not sure I do yet)...it is the term they use for the codes in html...which is the computer language...to get certain things into your computer...if I explained it right!!??!! (Actually widget means little unnamed device!! Guess that fits pretty well!)

Not being at all computer savy... I am having to find codes or the widgets for practically everything I want to add!! It is driving me CRAZY!! Whenever I say something is driving me crazy, my darling husband always tells me..."Another one tank trip"!!! Very funny!! Aw...I don't mind being the brunt of his humor!!! I love putting a chuckle in his heart!!!

The worst part right now is finding how to get the videos I want to post from people into the blog. One company I am checking with says...well you need our widget. Great I'm thinking...here we go again. Why couldn't they just say...well copy and paste it?....I know how to do that!!! No...I need a widget!!! Great! And then please just don't let their next sentence start with...You just have to....as if it is so so simple! Ppplllease. I am hoping that after I do this stuff I will at least be able to talk 'computerese' with my daughter! (she's the web designer/very computer literate one that doesn't have apoplexy when she hears the words...you just have to...LOL)

Anyway...I just wanted to let you know that the blog is still in its... what shall we say...creative stage? I will figure this all out some day. Please hang with me!! Stop in and see what is going on.

I posted a picture to Flickr today. It is my favorite flower. Gardenias are what my husband always ordered in all my flowers for prom and bouquets he sent me while we were dating. And he still does whenever he can find them! I hope you all will please post pics and LOs in the gallery and post a discussion topic, too. Let's get some conversation going. We can't connect thoughts if no one posts any!

I am also thinking of giving out some RAKs. So I will be letting you know about them soon, also. So much to get up and going...but all in due time I guess.

I am about to run out of gas on this one tank trip so I will leave it there for now. Need to save enough gas to get back home. Have to stop at Starbucks on the way home, too!



"See Me"... said...

Barb I think I found a connection to you on Terry's blog?!? Great to read your blog and hear the same troubles you are having about customizing it. I had been thinking about a counter widget to attach to my blog and so followed links from your.
When I finally got to where I wanted and found one I liked it was taking me forever to work out how to load it but then I eventually scrolled to the bottom of the screen and there was a button to click if you used blogger talk about not reading the "fine print" but now thanks to you I have a counter on my blog.

Barb said...

Celia glad it was a help! I am sruggling too but we will make it! Email me your blog. I would love to see it!