Thursday, July 31, 2008

Some Day I'm Gonna...

go right through the phone line and attack that machine at the other end that says to me..."If you want to continue this call in English, press one.". Grrrr....of course I want to continue this in English...this is America and we speak English in this country!!! What is with this??? Duh.

Now I have no problem if they ask if I want to continue this call in Spanish, French, or Mati Ke! Just don't ask me if I want to continue in the language which we speak in this country!! It makes me CRAZY!!!! Why would one even ask that???

I have absolutely no problem with addressing the languages of other people...but I should not have to tell you to speak to me in English!!! This is a wonderful country and one which we openly welcome those from other countries. That is what has made this country what it is. That does not however, change the fact that the language of our country is...ENGLISH!

This past weekend we were out of our city...less than 50 miles from home...and I am the passenger in the car so I am enjoying the scenery. I was looking around while we were stopped at a traffic light and low and behold...a billboard. I look at it. It isn't making any sense to me. Well golly, I know is in another language. Spanish I believe. I have a smattering of Spanish and I did recognize some of the words. Then I have also been in McDonalds that have had two menus on the wall. English and Spanish. We speak English. What's with the Spanish? So let's welcome our new citizens and legal aliens with open arms, but let's do it in English. Let's help them learn the language. By the way...the billboard was not about classes being offered for free English classes...what a concept that would be!!!

Learning English is not easy and I know that. But I work with many people from Mexico and they work very hard at learning English. They even turn their TV on with Spanish caption so they can try to put our language together with theirs. They always are asking me how to say things. And on the other hand they try to help me learn their language. My beautician is Vietnamese. She spoke no English when she arrived. She has beautiful English now. Another I know from Croatia spoke no perfect English!

But...that really isn't the point of it all. Most people that come to this country learn the language of this country. I am just asking these companies that I have to deal with daily to please go easy on this old lady. Please, won't you please change your recorded message so it won't ask me if I want to continue this call in my own country's language? Plain old English!! It would sure make my day! Who knows...might even put a smile on my face!!!

My thought for this day.


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Terry said...

You crack me up!! I was in Laredo,TX yesterday--stopped in a convenience store to buy a drink and the clerk only spoke spanish. Now,Laredo is right over the border from Mexico--I can understand bilingual, but come on---just Spanish.