Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Special Day!

Wow! This is just a special day for my wonderful husband and I. It is out 43rd wedding anniversary!! Yea!! What a wonderful journey it has been.

Our journey has been a wonderful one. Having gotten married at 18 and 19 I know many people thought for sure it would never last...and that was a real possibility. It was really going against the odds that it would be a long marriage. I know how I look at "kids" I see getting married at that age. Well, I guess not really 'getting married'...because that seems not to be the way to do it anymore. It is more a case of 'moving in'!

Anyone who has been married for a relatively long time knows that it just didn't happen. It is hard work. You have to work at having a good marriage. You have to both decide that it is something you want.

I think the major problems in a marriage are just because of selfishness. If you want that marriage to work you must always put the other person first. I know that sounds rough and it is at first. But you will soon find out that when you put the other person first you will soon find that they are putting you first and both of you end up getting exactly what you want out of your marriage.

I am asked often how we get along so well. Made me stop and think. The first is of course...putting the other person first. Then there is my other favorite...never ever go to bed mad OR upset with each other; that just makes things worse. And it sure does cut down on the disagreements if you know you have to make up before you go to bed!!! What fun is it that if you can't "show" them you can be nastier then them!!! LOL

There are two other things we feel are really important. We practiced them for years but didn't really have a name for them. One was put in words by Dr. Phil..."How much fun are you to live with?". Everyone wants to have a good at having a good time!!! LOL The other one is...KJJ...Keep the Journey Joyous! It makes a big difference in how you react to things. Sort of like don't sweat the little things. Life is hard enough without doing that. Be glad you are together. Keep that feeling that you 'can't wait to see each other at the end of the day' alive. (Remember that feeling?) is Our Special Day. For this special day we give God...our wonderful children...and our loving parents, who have all been a part in making our marriage very, very special! To them all...we say thanks!

My thought for this day.



Terry said...

How exciting! Have a wonderful day with DH! Isn't love grand?

Dedra Long said...

Congrats to the both of you and here's to 43 more wonderful years!!!


Eileen said...

Happy Anniversary, Barb! My gosh, 43 years is something we don't hear very often these days. Congratulations to you both for believing in those vows 43 years ago.


Laura/ aleshanee said...

Barb you and your DH are an inspiration. Thank you for your wonderful and insightful marriage advice.
Congratulations and hope that you both have a beautiful celebration.