Monday, July 7, 2008

My long weekend goes on...

because I took a day of vacation. I get one week more of vacation than my husband so I have started taking a day at a time when there is an already long weekend. It makes it like a mini vacation. I like it so far!

Got to get that cony bowl over the weekend. It was as good as I remembered! They give you these wonderful oyster crackers that are so good. They don't taste like cardboard like a lot of them do. Then the bowl of wonderful chili with little cony dogs cut up and topped with lots of cheese. It is wonderful!!! This is just plain out of this world. I know it doesn't look like anything very special but you really need to try this! It is just real comfort food. Go Skyline Chili!!!

We went to the flea market again. Still looking for little "cutsie" things to hold stuff on my desk. Didn't find anything yet! Well, you know...I have to have just the right thing. I am picky. I know!! But we did see the veggies and fruits being sold. I just love that. I know that most everything there had been shipped in but it reminds me of when I was growing up in Ohio and we used to go where the migrant workers lived and bought veggies from them that they had grown on their little plots they were given. Childhood memories. They are a good thing!!!

Did a little bit of shopping around at fun places. Went to Dollar General which gives me a real laugh because nothing much is still a dollar there. And Jim bought me the best thing ever. We found a giraffe wastebasket!!! Whoowee! Now I know that doesn't do a lot for a lot of people but for me it is true excitement!!! LOL

I love giraffes! And to be able to get a giraffe wastebasket is a wonderful thing for me!! LOL My husband is so happy that he can keep me happy for such a small amount. No diamonds and jewels for me!! Just give me a giraffe wastebasket!!! I am a happy camper!!! That baby has won a place of honor right at my feet where I sit at my scrap desk!!! Isn't it cute???

I know I live in a strange world but I am happy there and I don't cause anyone any problems...sooo....

I have not gotten nearly everything done I had wanted to today but then at least I got my Cricut software in and working! I cut a few things just to make sure. Can't wait to get at it and explore all it can do!

I got Quicken in and running and I installed this software program that makes copies of my receipts and files them according to category. It makes it really easy to find a receipt when you need it. The only problem is that the scanner that came with it doesn't work. So I have to deal with that but I am in no hurry for that. My wonderful daughter said she will help me.

Well, the afternoon is just about gone and I have much to accomplish yet. I need to scurry off. Hope you all have a wonderful evening.



Terry said...

Just love that giraffe trashcan!! Only Barb could find something like that! YOu sound like you have had a great day!

"See Me"... said...

Your weekend sounds as though it has been really profitable. Mucking around with software can take up an entire day!
I like your giraffe rubbish bin looks very cute- it is the small things that make for big happiness really.
Hope your week stays so productive.

Scrapergirl said...

Been reading your blog oystr crackers! Really bring back memories especially with Oyster stew a nice treat!YOU had a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!
Gloria Harvey