Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Bet I Can Keep Them Now!!!

I am so tired of people walking off with the extra pens that I have on my desk for other people to use. I said use...not take! Well really, I keep them there for my boss who refuses to carry a pen on him. If I give him my pen, I never see it again!

They know not to touch my personal pens! I had a lot of training to do to teach them all 'you don't want to do that'. My boss' father who is retired now used to ask them "How does she know when I have taken her pen???" It used to puzzle him big time. He never did realize that I have a certain number of pens on my desk...each writing a different color because each color means a special thing! So if one was gone I knew it right away and it was always him that was at my desk! Not hard to figure out where to go retrieve it!!! I found out if one exerts enough continual pressure long enough you can teach just about anyone anything!!! Relentlessness! A good thing! LOL

Anyway...while I was off on my long weekend I 'made' pens. I attached big flowers to stick pens and wrapped them with floral tape. Took a glass vase and filled it with green class pebbles and stuck the pens in the vase. Walla! Beautiful vase of posies AND pens that I dare a guy to walk away with!!! LOL

I had seen this done only using a terra cota pot and coffee beans which made them look like they were growing out of the ground but this looks like they are in a vase of water or growing out of the grass. Besides, I was at the dollar store and didn't want to play 'in search of' for the pot and coffee is too expensive!! LOL

Still is rainy here. I am so thankful for the rain. Things are beginning to look so pretty again. We had gone so long without rain everything was just an ugly brown and crunchy! Rain in Florida is not bad. It usually rains about four o'clock about the time everyone is on the way home, then dries up for a wonderfully humid evening!! Hope to be able to get up to the beach to watch the sunset after work again this summer. It is a very nice way to wind down after a day at work.


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