Thursday, July 3, 2008

Starting a Transition?

Thought provoking to say the least. Yesterday evening at work, as Buck, the last of the guys who was still here at work, was getting ready to leave, I was going to go lock the front door ahead of him. He is usually very kind and locks it for me but I thought I would save him some time!

As I stood and went to go out between my desk and typewriter table I lost a little balance and caught myself on my desk before I started to fall. Eh..happens once in a while! I did not realize that Buck had started to come into the office from the warehouse and saw it! I just continued on and was going to go lock the door. He said "Did you just about fall?" I said no I had just lost my balance that's all. (This does happen once in a great while with my muscle disease. If I move too suddenly I can lose some equilibrium) So he said, "You sit yourself down and don't get up until your husband gets here!!" That was really sweet that he was really caring and watching out for me.

However, after he left I began to should never have too much thinking time. least for can get me in trouble!!! I saw him caring about me as I used to with older people! It was just how I was taught! So following on in that thought mode...I am thinking perhaps I am starting into that transition when I have crossed that magical line where I am one of those which I had always been told to take care of!!! Wowser!

I guess I felt somewhat like my eldest son when he had come back from the grocery store while he was staying with us and said, "You know what? The kid at the store handed me my bag and said "There you go sir!" Sir?...He called me sir!!" So he went into the bathroom and came out and said, "Look...I'm starting to get gray here at the temples!!" LOL I guess life is just made up of ages and stages!!! (I don't think he realized that he himself had assumed his new-found stage in life when he referred to the bagger as the "kid"!!!!)

Ahh...ages and goes on. But alas...with each new stage comes a myriad of new blessings!!! Life is so good!!!

I can feel the anticipation of the long weekend here at work. Everyone was here if the sooner they got here the sooner the weekend would start!

Life is a bit different here where we are in Florida than in other places. We basically live from Friday to Sunday night! On Monday at work nothing really happens. We are all talking about what happened over the weekend and trying to wind down and get into work mode! On Friday nothing ever happens because everyone is making final plans for the weekend and scurrying around trying to make up for not doing anything on Monday!!! an attempt to maybe leave early so they can start the weekend party time!

It is a silent given. Never call anyone for anything on Monday or Friday because whatever it is you want...won't happen. LOL I think it has something to do with the sand, white beaches and beautiful sunshine!! LOL

Well, since today is really Friday to the work week, I am going to go scurry and get done what has to be done by Friday. Wishing you all a great day! BTW...all you scrappers...I posted a thought for discussion and would love to hear your thoughts. Go to flickr and click on discussion.



Terry said...

Barb--how long does the transition take?? LOL. I feel like I am getting there too. But---you need to be careful!! Don't need you falling!

Barb said...

Sorry I missed this comment Terry! I don't know how ling this transition thins takes. I am hoping a long time. But I am finding out that it can be a very good thing if handled correctly!! LOL