Saturday, July 5, 2008

Deciding on a late bite...

we ended up going to Steak and Shake. We left the house about 8:45 hoping the traffic wouldn't be bad and we could get into the restaurant quickly due to all the fireworks starting at 9:00.

We were right. No traffic and we were the only ones in the hamburger joint except one other couple! So we sat down and picked up the menu. Just at that time we happened to look out the huge glass window before us only the to realize we had the best seats available for the fireworks at the park!! It was the absolute best fireworks we ever saw! Comfortable seats, just the low boom boom that echoes through the air, no little children's fearful fits of crying and low and behold, no traffic jam afterwards!!! What a great time we had!!! I think we shall keep this as a secret as to not spoil it for next year. You all won't tell will you???

Yesterday turned out to be pretty much an R & R day. Nothing much happened it was just a nice restful day which I always enjoy!

Thinking today about going to a flea market up north. Swinging around and stopping at the fabulous JoAnns that has this clerk that is just so much fun...she just cannot wait to talk to you and tell the newest and "bestest" things about scrapping...and then stopping to get a coney bowl at Skyline Chili! With gas the way it is you have to plan your travel anymore. No room for extra running around with gas prices where they are.

Speaking of Skyline Coney Bowl. Have you ever had one??? On my golly. We love them. A bowl of their awesome chili with their little hot dogs cut up in it topped with just scads of the best shredded cheddar cheese. is fabulous. We don't have one around us...well...close to us. Where we are going it is only about twenty minutes away but we just don't go that far just for a bowl of chili!! So it has become a special treat for us!! You really need to check it out if you haven't ever tried them.

With that...let the day begin!


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