Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How Was Your Day Plugged In?

I have always said that mothers set the mood for the entire day. But now, with the blessing of freedom of choice when it comes to defining roles, I guess I need to revise that to...whoever wakes the family up...sets the the mood for the entire day for their family...for the entire world, really.

I have noticed this with me when my children were just starting school. If I was in a good mood when I woke them up...they started their day in a good mood, also. If I crabbed at them, yelled at them yada yada yada...their moods were rotten. Aha!!! I was beginning to see that if I wanted everyone in the house to wake up in a good mood...it was basically me that was able to do that! I was the one who plugged that family in each morning. If I plugged them into the right socket...they woke in a good mood and their day went a lot smoother...but boy oh boy...let me plug them into the socket that had a short in it and they lit up and took off like a rocket!!! LOL LOL It was like watch out world here I come!! Yowser!! Bad Mood. Bad Mood!! Usually for the entire day. It was then I realized that I had a lot of influence in my family's life just by the way I woke them.

You know, I don't mean it to sound like if we wake up in a good mood we will have just wonderful wonderful days...but I do know that if you walk out into the world with an already bad attitude...a chip on your shoulder...you are shot in the foot before you even begin. I try always to remember that when I call my darling husband in the morning!! He is NOT a morning person, so he doesn't want to get up in the first place!!

Due to the fact that yesterday the vet came to our house to check our dog and cat for their exams and vaccinations...yes our vet comes to our house...how nice is that? He is a mobile vet! Anyway when he comes he usually stays a couple of hours because he chats while he is working...which we love...due to that, not much scrapping went on last night at my house!!! BUT as I said yesterday...because everything was out and available I did get some work done. Hope to have more fun tonight. I am going to try to scrap and watch Paperclipping Live at the same time. Don't know how that will work out since I don't know how I can work and watch the chat at the same time. We will see about that I guess!!! LOL

If you don't know what Paperclipping Live is...it is a live scrapbooking video with Noell Hyman which is on Tuesdays at 6:30 MT. It has a live chat room and you may also call in or use your webcam and audio to be on the show! It is a fun time. Try it. You can tune in by going to Papaerclipping.com and clicking on Paperclipping Live at the left.

Better be calling it a day. That's my thought for this day.


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Terry said...

You are so right---Mom's usually set the mood for the day. I am pretty much upbeat all of the time and very seldom in a down or crabby mood. Life is too short to be grumpy.