Friday, July 25, 2008

In The End...What Do We Have???

It is a beautiful morning here in Tampa Bay today. Already 83 at 9:00 in the morning. And it is Finally Friday! I don't want to give the impression that the week was no good...but in Florida, well, probably lots of places, we definitely live for the weekends. However they are calling for rain...but there is still plenty to do here even when it rains!!

As you know from the earlier blog, I have started to make the trek into learning digital scrapbooking. I was so reluctant to venture into this area. I don't know...maybe I sort of knew I would love it because I love to play with software! Combine that with scrapbooking and I probably thought I saw a sure addiction...which I was right.

Scrapbooking in general has been a blast! I found the absolute best forum, Memory Makers Magazine Forum, where I have met the most wonderful people in the world. Now I have started the digi classes and am finding another fabulous group of people. Makes one stop and think.

I don't even know if I can put this all into words so that it is really what I am meaning. So I hope you get it...if not...think about it for a while!! We all have so many things in our lives. Family responsibilities, work, our cars, houses and all our other toys. We become so involved in the things of our lives. But...

Remove all these "things" from your life and what do you have left? Each other. I have been seeing this more and more as I have been "maturing"! Doesn't that sound so much better than aging or getting older?? LOL Things don't really matter. Look at all the people who have lost every possession they had in the floods and fires which we read about with such heartache. When you see them on the news reports they say...but we have each other.

These last few months I have needed so much help with things and someone has always been there to help. My darling daughter has bailed Mom out so many times...friends on the forum...helping out with problems and giving tips for things...Terry of Terry's so much help with my digi classes...Family and friends. Not being there just to help when you need it...but just being there, period.

I don't know...but the way I see it, while there is much to be said of the material things in our lives...who of us doesn't enjoy them??...I am just saying that in the end...what do we have??...

...we have each other. Isn't that what life is really all about?

My thought for today.



calvanico7 said...

You my dear are a gift! My fil always says, "I'm a millionare! Who's richer than me? I am surrounded by my family!" In the end that is all that matters, to have all, but be lonely and isolated is worthless, to be "poor", but surrounded by love feels so much better!
Keeper of the Realms ;)

Barb said...

Thanks Paula, I really do cherish all my friends. It truly bothers me when I see people who just don't know how blessed they are by people who care about them.

Lisainok said...

I love reading what you've written and how it always makes me stop and think. So many times we get caught up in our "stuff" that we forget what is really important.
Thank you for being my friend!

Barb said...

Thanks Lisa. I am glad some people enjoy my blog. It hasn't panned out like I had wanted. I wanted more interaction with sharing of pics and discussions but I am one to believe that most things go where they should. So maybe I am just to make people think.

I know I get windy most times. But I just sit down to write, don't even have a topic and I write till I am empty.(Guess I am pretty full most of the time!!) But I am glad you enjoy it. Thanks.

Terry said...

Awww Barb--what a wonderful post and gives everyone so much to think about. As you know, our lives have changed drastically in the last year and we are loving life. It's great having you as a friend.

Benjaman said...

Being able to recognize that one is blessed is a gift in of itself. So many people (myself included) expend energy on the things that are missing or wrong in their lives. Embracing the goodness around us which should be so easy is often the invisible smoke in the room. The inability to love and accept love is mankind's biggest flaw.

Eileen said...

Barb, you're a natural at this. I really enjoy reading your blog. In fact, I like your blog so much that I gave you an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up!

Nice digi layout! I don't think I'll ever go that way....I like playing with the paper!

Barb said...

Eileen, I love paper scrapping, too, but this digi sstuff is something else.

I will never give up my touchy feely paper scrapping. Gotta have that glue on fingers thing!! But this just opens up options for digi and/or hybrids. I really do love it.

I would suggest you at least try it. It really is helping me with my paper scrapping because I can see stuff and try it on computer without cutting and pasting it first on paper and finding out I don't like it!!!

Thanks for your kind words. Hope you continue to stop by! Gotta go now. Want to see what you have for me!!!

courtney said...

Barb, you are truly an amazing person! Your posts always help me realize my priorities in life and nobody who shares time with you on the forum ever has to wonder how much you care for them or cherish their interaction on the board.
Some people age, some mature. The difference is in the wisdom they possess. You definitely fit the mature status, not only because it sounds better ;) but because you've honestly earned the title.
Thanks Barb, for everything you do!