Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Need to Calm Down!!!

Oh my golly. What a twenty-four hours I have had!! I just really need to take a chill pill!!

I had decided to take an online digital class with Paula Gilarde at NYC Scraps. By the way, this is an awesome class. I am one day into it and already have learned so much...I am serious...not to mention how nice Paula is about helping. You need to check out the site and get in on some of the classes. Anyway...I had been wanting to learn digital for a while and was being coerced by some dear friends to give it a try. So I thought, oh, why not. So off I go to the site...whose link for the class just "happened" to show up in my email sent by Terry of Terry's Tales, who just happens to be the ring leader in getting me to try digi...and who just happens to be a phenomenal digi scrapper!!

Well as I am reading the requirements for class I see that the version of Photoshop I have is not on the list of what is needed for the class. So I email to make sure it would work. Yep. No problem, things will just be worded differently and so forth. OK. That is good enough for me! So I sign up. Biting at the bit to get going, the days pass slowly even though it was less than a week before the class should start!

The day arrives! Yea!!!!! I am ready to go. Psyched to the max. I love computers and have seen digi scrapbooking done on the scrapbook show I watch on TV and I mean I am excited!! My heart is pounding with enthusiasm!

So Monday comes...the first day of class and the information needed will be up by about 9:00! And it was. I was so happy. I printed off the PDF and read it. Looks fine! But of course I don't want to download till I get home. I am watching the site all day and people are saying how much fun it is and starting to upload their work. There had been a few questions but nothing earth-shaking. There I sat and couldn't do anything till I got home. *sigh*

Got home and had so many things like grocery and dinner to do, that it was 10:00 before I even got a chance to do anything on it!! Then there were problems...like my WINZIP said my trial had run out. I never had a trial of WINZIP run out! Great. Had to fix that. Finally got into the site and Oh No! I couldn't understand a thing. Nothing was going right for me. I was getting in a stew. I guess I always did do that but now that I have entered...um...the "mature group" shall we say!!!!...it has gotten progressively worse. I want things to work now!!! I think in actuality I was tired. I was up at 4:40 and after a full day at work and the stuff after I got home I was just too tired and excited to comprehend new things! So I wrote the forum where they were going to answer questions...I emailed my darling web-design daughter you all know...AND I emailed darling Terry that got me in this class!!! HELP!! I need HELP" Note: Heart still pounding but for other reasons.

Ahh...the dawn of a new morning. Did you ever notice how things don't seem so bad at the start of a new day. New days...a blessing from God!! Help came, and it came in bucketsful. Paula had an email ready for me when I opened the sight...bright and early in the morning...reassuring me that all would be fine (I think that meant chill out!!!) and we would take it one step at a time. She would walk me through it! Whew! Just that made everything OK. I thought I would be left out in left field with no help around!!! Not so. Paula was going to see to it I got through this! Then darling daughter was on instant messenger...what's wrong? We will work it out!!! Calm down she said!!! LOL She's so sweet! And Terry...right there when I need her...and this lady is sooo busy!...yet she says make sure you have what you need and I will walk you through. Do you know what it is to have people to depend on? Humml...I see another post coming!!! LOL

Now to the clincher. After the help of Paula...and darling daughter...and Terry...I got my first digital layout done!! Da Da!! And it wasn't bad at all. I had a ball!! I really did just have to calm down. Everything went just fine once I started taking one thing at a time.

It was just like Paula said. I had what I needed...it was just worded differently. In fact once I got going, I saw these really cool letters in the kit they give you for the class. I tried everything to use them and couldn't get them to work. So I of course wrote Paula and asked her. She immediately wrote back...if you are talking about the letters in the kit...those are in the next lesson...LOL LOL I guess once I got on a roll I just kept rolling!!!!!

Well what do you thing of my first digital layout?

I care what you think...but you won't change my mind even if you don't like it!! I love it...and I am so proud!!! It was a real labor to get that done...but so worth the effort! I hope I didn't drive too many people crazy in the process. Please, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

I urge you all to take a peak into digi scrapbooking. Even if you do not plan on doing it much...or maybe you would do hybrid. It is something that is really intriguing. Go on over to NYC Scraps and take a look around. Sign up for the newsletter so you can get in on the next class. I know you will love it. I am only one day into the class...and I am hooked. Not that I will do it solely...but I will be doing it for sure...you can count on it!

That's my thought for today.



Demented said...

You don't need my help, mom. You just think you do! Panic sets in at the first sign of a slight problem....lol.

You know that when something is new it will take a while to learn and may be frustrating. But you always amaze me at how quickly you 'get' it.

You just need to gain confidence in yourself and realize you CAN do it.

I wish I had the patience and ability to do what you do.

Terry said...

I am so proud of you venturing out and signing up for the class. I knew you would be hooked if you just tried it. Hold on tight---it gets more fun as you learn more. I'm always here for help. Love the LO!!

"See Me"... said...

Well Barb, You are a hero- I'm not going to try digi as I don't have photoshop and have no idea how to use it.
But you are right about having people around who will help and care and nurture you as you develop into an amazing digi scrapper.
Give yourself space and know that you can do it.
Hope it all continues to go really well for you.