Friday, July 11, 2008

Whoowee It's Friday!!!

I don't know about other places but in Florida Fridays are very special!! In fact most often it is called Finally Friday! We all live for our weekends. We plan all week for our weekend! And don't plan on getting anything serious done on the weekend 'cause it 'ain't gonna happen'!!! You won't go get that loan signed, see the lawyer about anything or get your sore throat looked at or your kid's teeth filled. No one works on the weekends it seems only the necessary health professionals as hospitals and nursing homes,and the other very necessary things that would only add to one's enjoyment of the weekend!!! It took a lot of getting used to when we first moved here, but now I could not imagine being able to schedule your appointments over the weekend so you don't have to miss work!! Are you kidding??? Ruin a perfectly good weekend??? Surely you jest!!!

And I really don't know when people get paid here. When you drive in to work on Fridays the roads are just about empty! Don't people go in to get their paychecks? Humm...well I feel sort of dumb right now!! I get paid on Thursdays!!! LOL Guess maybe that is what happens other places, too! Only took me seventeen years to figure that one out! Well, my darling husband has always said (jokingly by the way) that I am not dumb, which I always said I was, I am just a little slow!!! Guess I just proved him right on that one!!

I am going to get a huge chunk of scrapping in this weekend. I have been spending too much time on that new desk and I am being scrap deprived!!

I want to start on an altered book for my youngest grandson an I am biting at the bit to get going on it. Want to look around and see if I can find some gaffers tape for the binding edge. Think that would help with the wear and tear!! He loves the minis books I have done for his Mom so I just have to make him one he can have for himself!

I need to get on with the day. I could write and write today but the world beckons me. However, before I sign off for now I need to share a little sunshine your way from beautiful Florida!



"See Me"... said...

Ain't Fridays grand even when I'm on holidays they have a special feel to them.
I had a great day yesterday doing your challenge of a photo an hour- I took a tad more than one an hour- 44 of them in fact but have posted only 4 hope you have a chance to look. It was a great way to make a possibly tedious task of packing more bearable!
Hope your Friday was grand and the weekend scrapping even better still.

Barb said...

Celia so glad you took the challenge. I hope it makes you feel as good as I did when I went back to look again!

I am going to miss you while you are having fun at home. I have enjoyed getting to chat with you and getting to share part of your life with your blog! Your writting is so nice!


Keasty said...

Gday Barb. Found you through Celia whom I've not seen for... decade(s).
Fridays are no longer waht they used to be now that I am retired. "Oh, is it Friday today? I didn't know!"
I'll pop in to have a read every now and then Barb. Cheers.

Barb said...

Hi Keasty! Glad you stopped by! I am not retired yet but should be. Unfortunately I will probably ahve to work forever the way the US economy is now! But being in the over 60 group isn't bad at all!!

Hoping to be able to chat with you again soon!