Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I took a picture an hour....

for one whole day! Have you ever done that? I forget anymore who had made the challenge to was on a blog I was may have been Stacey Jullian but I am not that sure...but what an awesome awakening!

I was thinking about that as I was reading Terry's Tales, when she was talking about taking pictures and what inspires us to take pictures.

If you haven't tried taking a picture an hour I challenge you to do it. As I went back tonight and looked at those pictures I took that day it stirred up a lot of memories and yet it made me think of some things that I never thought about before. I must have sunk about an hour looking at those pictures and thinking. I thought...this was a good thing to do.

They were pictures of silly things at times...but you was all part of my life and things that are important to me...even in a silly way. The cup of coffee I start with each morning that has a soggy napkin under it because my husband can't carry it without spilling it! Hey...he brings it to me every morning...gets my breakfast in fact...and that dog gone soggy napkin napkin is pretty says so much. I love that soggy napkin!!! It keeps the coffee from dripping all over me...but I am always careful to spill half the cup before I get it to my mouth!!! LOL

A picture of a friend of the business next door to ours that stops by every morning to grab a cup of coffee with us and share a laugh or two...or three....or four!!! LOL

My boss at my desk...a favorite place for him...;

the sight from our front door at work where I have had so many thoughts I could write several I watched the world go by and they are widening the road! That road will never look like it used to...and I have no picture of it! *sigh*

And what seems to be a "stupid" picture of the clock on my desk...with the little 'faith' stone an old employee gave me. As I thought about it...that clock and I have a special relationship. It has guided a lot of my life! It has told me when to get to work, when to move on to something else, when to take my medicine, when to eat, when to call someone, when a storm warning was about to end, when. when. when...that clock and I have been around and around!!!! Get it? LOL I couldn't believe a picture of my clock could stir up so many memories!!!

So I guess what I am saying is that as scrapbookers we need not take just pictures of people. Sure we want pictures of our family and friends but we need to have pictures of our life!

I am going to start to take more pictures. Of everything. I am going to try to take another day of a picture every hour.

I challenge you to the same. Give it a try. It is just one day!! I am sure you will be as amazed as I am, especially when you go back several months later and take a look at them. Is the challenge on? Post your pics in the Flickr Community. I would love to see them.



"See Me"... said...

What a great challenge and fabulous "thinking" thing to do. I have taken my first hourly photo for the day and I'll see how I go.
Remembering to take the photo will be the challenge for me.
I do try to take one a day I was inspired by the movie "Smoke" when Harvey Keitel's character took a photo every day from the same spot at the same time- there was a tragic reason for it but it seemed like an interesting idea.
I enjoyed your review (and humour) of what you thought when looking through the photos.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Hope your week back at work is going well.

Terry said...

Hmmm......I'm going to try this. Although, when I get tied up with work I am bound to forget. Maybe I'll do better with a photo a day. Great challenge Barb!